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15 years old child say no to child marriage

Today:-Teenagers are very strong, if they have decided to do anything then they will stand on that decision. We can say that girls are more confident than others, now between 15 to 16 years old girls can take their own decision. The incident come in front of everyone, a 15 years old girl stand against of their parents and refused to child marriage. She warned them to file complain to police about her parent’s mischief but they were taking her for granted. Parents insisting teen girl to marry with a father of two children but she said’ I am myself a child so how can I handle 2 children’. I want to become a successful woman and I can not depend on others for my desire. I want to be the IPS Officer and prove to her mother that women doesn’t need men to become successful.
However women are strong and can handle other. Through this post people are supporting to that teen girl via comments on facebook and offering their hands for help.

By: Shahina Noor-Reporter -Translation Jasleen Kaur (Teennews1 Network Team)

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