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2 Crores…magical amount…

Teenagers astonish all, through their achievements….Now a girl from Mumbai won a scholarship from TATA and that too of two crores. By this she would not only study inn Cornell University of America but also will stay there and manage her living too. She will be persuing her aerospace degree.

She was form Juhu in Mumbai and was studying in Jamnabaai School. Bhavi Jagtia got to know about this scholarship from her mathematics teacher a day before her board exams. At this tender age also she balances her studies and enjoyment very well. She never tends to mix things. When stressed she prefers painting to feel better.

She Says” Do dream and to turn them into reality, you really do not need to keep aside your enjoyment and time for own self.”

As studies exams and colleges has always been a  nightmare for us those matters are all clear for Bhavi, so before leaving for New York, she wants to fully enjoy her stay of three months in Mumbai.

Even more after reaching to that University she will be packed with inspirations and will have many role models who have already earned a good name in this field, like Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.

Her one dream of life is almost about to fulfil but she has one more dream which will turn out to be true or not.

She is very much attracted to film stars. She wants to talk to Ranbir Kapoor and wishes that he should call her to congratulate.

By:S.Noor and Namrata Sharma