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Daily Forecast (For September 19, 2015)

Today:-The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.


Today is not a favorable day to start a new project or for making business investments. We are advising you to stay away from making huge expenditure on buying expensive thing today. You are also advice to avoid buying clothes and items made of silver. 

Don’t plan a journey today. If it is extremely necessary to go on a journey, then pay offerings to Lord Shiva before starting it. Be careful for any injury during the trip.

Keep your morale high today. Don’t do anything that will disturb your mental peace. Pay special attention to your relationship with your mother and try to eliminate her tensions.  This will promote your prosperity. Spend quality time with your family.


Do a retrospection of the direction your life is heading in and make sure you are on the correct path.

Today is the time to be happy and enjoy life. You may spend a memorable romantic time with your better half. You will have intimate moments with your spouse. We advise you not to rush after sensual pleasures too much.
Today your may be get attracted towards materialistic happiness. We advise you to control your mind.
This day will be good for journey. You may also choose a new business associate, reconsider partnership deals, or just enjoy the fruits of such partnerships.
Your lucky color is golden today.


Today will give you both favorable and unfavorable results. Try to build up your self-confidence and overcome your fears.
Be careful in matters of finance today. Consult a doctor at the slightest doubt of a disease. You will feel a little inactive and dull during the day.
You should strictly avoid any type of argument and disputes today. Lead a simple life and keep pending all new projects and important decisions. Do not give or take a loan today. You should try to repay your loan. Stay away from dangerous places, arms and ammunitions or anything sharp as there is possibility of injury or accident today.  Your opponent may try to harm you today, so be careful. Take care of your non movable assets especially your house, as there is a possibility of theft.

Worship of lord Krishna. You may be making efforts to overcome vices such as anger, alcohol, jealousy, physical attractions and worldliness. Stay away from negative thoughts.
Golden color is not favorable color today.


Today will give you mixed results. Today you will involve in the efforts of developing your knowledge. You will feel more intelligent. If you are a student and attempting an important examination you are expected to perform excellent. But youe performance will also depend on your hard work and on your capabilities. Today you must rely on the your knowledge and intelligence.  

You will pass the day happily in the company of your family and friends. You may enjoy the delicious food. Avoid consuming unhealthy food today. Society will behave nicely to you.
Give proper attention to the welfare of your children and spend quality time with them today. You may plan a trip according to their likes.

Golden color is favorable color for you today.


Planetary positions will give negative results today. Try to keep away from arguments and disputes. Stay calm and take rest if you are feeling depression. Spend some good time with your mother and make your best efforts to make her happy.
Golden color is not favorable for you today. This day is not beneficial for taking or giving out loans, going on journey, especially through your own vehicle is not recommended. Do not start anything major today. This is not a favorable time for starting new venture. Be strong in your conviction, and pass the day in a simple manner.

Take care of your health and eat healthy food only. Today you will feel secure in familiar surroundings.
You shall make efforts to stay stable due to mental disturbance and depression, you can still overcome hurdles if you concentrate and remain focused. 


You will have a positive day. You will have a pleasing and attractive personality today. People will appreciate you for your virtues and will accept your influence.
Today you will get successful in the field of education and business. You will defeat Your enemies. You will be free from any diseases. You will achieve success in your goals. You will be courageous today. You will remain peaceful and satisfied. This is a good day to decide upon all types of important matters, this is also an appropriate time to start new projects or initiating new venture. There is possibility of completing some pending works. This day will also prove suitable for investing money and in matters related to giving or receiving loans or taking up travels.
Golden color is favorable color today. Worshiping Lord Krishna is favorable for you. Today you will have the opportunity to strengthen your love affair, which will be successful.
Take care of your ear. You may have some problem in ear. Spend quality time with your brothers and sisters, Make efforts for their welfare.  Help them, if they need your help.


Take special caution on your food habits today. Don’t overeat or have unhealthy food otherwise you may suffer from stomach ailments. You may receive a good news today. You will be more money centric today, and you may have financial gains today. The field of education and knowledge is also favorable today.
Make every effort to maintain good relations with your neighbors; and also with your family. Today you may do well in the field of poetry and singing. Take care of your eyes. As there may be some problem in eyes.
Do not give or receive loans. Stay away from any activity of sale and purchase of materials. You may make journey. You can take important decisions today. You are advice to postpone to start new projects for some other day.


Today you will think emotionally. You should use this emotional bend of mind in various fields such as writing, singing, dramatics, painting etc. You should do your retrospection today to assess your own positive and negative qualities, and commit yourself for constant self improvement. Find your shortcomings and try to overcome them. Everyone has positive and negative qualities so you should not feel guilty or indulge in self pity.
This day is suitable for determining the aims and objectives of your life and assess its direction and destination.

Take a good care of your health and if possible start physical exercise from today. You will spend time with your friends and well wishers. You will enjoy a happy family life today. You may start new projects, make financial investments, purchase of materials etc. In short, day will pass smoothly.

Golden color is lucky color for you today.


Keep control over your thoughts. Try to avoid any situation of anxiety otherwise it may drag you to a state depression. People will oppose you, openly or behind your back. They will try to defame you. You should be careful with your opponents. You may experience dullness and irritation. You are advised to take some rest under such circumstances.

You may face some health problems related to your eyes, legs, heart and its surrounding areas. Avoid taking decisions or doing sale and purchase of materials. Avoid decision making on all important matters related to starting new projects, starting journey, involving in a loan deal or making financial investments etc.
you may enjoy happy time through your efforts in spite of the adverse trends. Avoid over-sleeping, but never allow sleeplessness to creep in. Golden color is not favourable for you today


Your financial prospects are very bright today. An increase in your income is likely. You may have income through some other sources than your profession also. You may also receive some gifts today. This day will be favorable for taking any decisions, starting new projects, business deals, financial investments, starting a journey etc. You will get support at your workplace. Others will appreciate your personal qualities and personality.

You may experience excitement and success in your love life today.
Spend some quality time with your elder brothers and sisters. Maintain cordial relations with them, and seek their co-operation, their help will be valuable for you in the future.
Value your friends today. You will be entertained in their company. You will pass the day hapily.  Golden color will be favorable for you today.


Serve the cow, especially brown, with chapatti and bread, to improve your prospects. You will receive success in all the projects you start today. You will get appreciation and reward for your dedication and hard work. Others will recognize your worldly experience and will appreciate your virtues.
This is the day for you to get involved in various social and worldly works. You may achieve success in the field of education and personal growth. Golden color is favorable color for you.
Time is suitable for taking up journey, arriving at decisions, initiating new projects, financial investments etc.
You will experience a mixed feeling of sorrow and happiness this day.


We advise you to involve you in religious activities. Make sure you pray to god today or read holy books. The bay will give you very favorable results. You will have monetary gains today. In short, this day will pass in your favor. Golden color is your favorable color today.
You can choose to take up works such as financial investment, starting travels, executing decisions, starting new projects, making deals related to sale and purchase.
In case you make financial transactions in a careful manner then it will be profitable for you. You will enjoy happiness in family matters also.
In case of unfavorable situations make sufficient efforts to find out a way to further enhance the favorable trends.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava


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