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Daily Forecast (For September 25, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

You will get extremely favorable and fruitful results today. You are advised to opt for outfits containing different shades of blue colors. Today it is auspicious to consume bitter-sour food items.

It is a suitable day for taking decision on materialistic aspects such as your own work, state jobs, business, acquiring higher position etc. You will get success if you demonstrate your humble approach at your workplace. Try to self analyze your own position and accordingly review whether you are doing enough hard work for securing desired fame and prestige. In case you are looking for a promotion, there is a scope of success if you try intelligently for it today.

Enjoy the happy moments of life. You will feel the warmth of happiness in the company of your family. You should try your level best to keep your father happy today. You are likely to have some differences of opinion with him. If unemployed you must do your best to secure a job, your luck may favor you today. Avoid going to high altitude. There is a risk of falling down.

Today your fortune will favor you. Time is suitable for taking any decisions and start new projects.

If you wish to then you may do so today. This day is favorable for performing any religious rites, undertaking religious activities, doing meditation, devotion and obtaining blessings from God.

Pay respect to your ancestors and the parents today. You may start your pending projects you may also take your pending decisions. Today your luck will favor you. 

If you do charity work and help needy, you will definitely receive fruits of it.. Today, people will appreciate you for your good qualities. You will spend quality time with your family. Time is supportive for acquiring wealth. Blue color is the favorable color for you today.

You may face some allegations. You may receive some criticism from others, even though you are doing the right thing. Keep doing what you know is correct. Things will go in your favor in the future. Today is not going to give you favorable results. 

Stay away from taking any important business decisions. Avoid doing all your important work today. You may face some hurdels at your work place. Be satisfied with whatever good you can get from the day. Do not go to any unknown place or meet strangers. 

Do self analysis to find where you have made a mistake. Today is a suitable day for correcting your faults and mistakes. Today you may experience depression. Try to control your mental state through self-confidence and determination. Avoid to get involved in a argument.

Blue color is not favorable color for you today. You should also stay away from water.

Today is a favorable day for you. This time will give good results for you.  

You are likely to spend good time with your family. Your relationship with your spouse or love one will be intimate today. 

This day is favorable for your performance at your workplace. This day is suitable for loan transactions. Today you may also take business related important decisions and can start new business venture, entering into new business deals.
Blue color is lucky color for you today.

You may go for a trip today.  

Analyze your business partnerships with others, and evaluate their contributions to business, and their participation in getting involved in business activities. 

You may spend your time with your family today. Time is also favorable for students. They will also achieve success in the field of education and knowledge today.

Today will give you mixed results.

Avoid making purchases of costly items. Do not give or take loans.

You are likely to have a dispute today. We advise you to keep your mind cool and avoid any incidence of dispute.
This day is also not favorable for health point of view. If you are facing any health problem, you are advice to consult a doctor immediately. Take every care while working with sharp tools or driving, as there is possibility of injury today. Be careful from enemies. Stay away from Blue color.

This is a favorable day for students. Whatever they want to remember will be memorized easily. If they are planning to attempt an important examination, they are likely to perform very well today. Time is favorable to utilize full capacity of your mind. Today you will have good writing skill. . You may have an opportunity to share your views in the company of learned persons today.

Today you may use your knowledge and experience for taking important decisions. Note that the decisions you take today will decide your future.

Time is also favorable at your workplace. You may opt for purchasing materials. You may go ahead with the execution of other important works. Take care of your children and help them if they need your support

Blue color will be lucky for you today.

Be alert while driving and while taking up a journey. You may have a minor accident today.

You will experience profits, enjoy delicious food etc. Under adverse circumstances, your health may run down due to pressure and worry.

Spend pleasure time with your mother. You should pay respect to your mother, help her in her daily work and receive her blessings. You should also be careful from your domestic animals.

Have good relationship with your family and friends. Avoid having any dispute with others, otherwise you may have to face bad results. Live a simple life today.

You are advised not to use Blue color today.

Blue color will be favorable for you today.

This day is a lucky day for you. Day will bring prosperity for you. This is you are likely to work with enthusiasm and work in a team,,
You will achieve success at your work place today depending upon your various good deeds of the past.
We advise you to make sincere efforts for constant self improvement. Society is likely to appreciate your qualities and will praise your good works. You will get respect and fame.

You may go ahead with other important works, involving sale-purchase deals, taking major decisions, initiating new projects, travel related matters financial investments etc.

Take care of your brothers and sisters. Give love, affection and assistance to them. You will look more attractive to those who love you. You will derive pleasure and happiness everywhere, in any work you take-up.

Your interests in religious activities will prove more favorable for you. You are likely to become more courageous today. This day will be more suitable from the viewpoint of developing leadership qualities in you. You will be having a pleasant time with your family.

You may receive a good news today. You are advised stay away to finalize transactions related to loan and financial investments. Time is suitable to take a trip, making deals related to sale & purchase, starting new projects, executing business related decisions.  

Your lucky color today is Blue.

Spend some memorable time with your family. Support your family. Maintain cordial relations with your neighbors and do not allow any disputes to crop up.

You may have some eye related problems. In short, today you will achieve success against all odds.

This is a favorable time for self introspection. Commit yourself for constant self improvement. Use your sentiments properly to achieve your goals and objectives. Do whatever your heart think correct.

Take care of your social image. Take steps for its growth and adequate utilization of your talent. Take care your health today. Blue color is a favorable color for you today.

This will be a good day for working and all worldly affairs. Time is suitable for applying new ideas at your workplace.

This day is also favorable in matters relating to love and romance. You will spend good time with your spouse. We advise you to take your life partner to a romantic trip or to a picnic.

Today is a unfavorable day for you.

Avoid purchase of any type of material today. Stay away from expenses. Time is not suitable for starting new projects, making new financial investments, giving and taking loan deals, going for a journey etc.

Stay away from any dispute. People may make a opinion against you or they may criticize you behind your back.

Time is not favorable for financial matters. You may have financial losses. Live a simple life today. Stay calm.

Stay away from high altitude place, as there is a risk of falling down. 

This day is profitable and favorable for you. Blue color will be favorable for you this day.

Time is highly suitable for starting new businesses, taking important business decisions, executing new projects, starting travels, financial investments, deals relating to loans etc. 

People will admire you for your good qualities. You will perform well in the field of education and knowledge. You are likely to have memorable time with your life partner.

Your hard work at your work place and business activities will be profitable today. You will have financial benefit from other sources. Spend some time with your elder brothers and sisters. You are likely to have cordial relation with them.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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