Home Astrology Weekly Love and Relationship Forecast – This Week (05-10-2015 – 11-10- 2015)

Weekly Love and Relationship Forecast – This Week (05-10-2015 – 11-10- 2015)

Singles who are looking for love partner may meet a person of the opposite sex with whom they may enjoy a long lasting relationship. We advise you to understand the expectations and feelings of your love one. Married couples, will have normal relation with their life partner. They should make efforts to enhance understanding with their life partner.

This week is not very favorable for those who are in love relationship. They may be disappointed with the behavior of love partner. Married couples will have good relationship with their life partner.

If you are looking for a love partner, you may get more than one option to choose from. Make your decision wisely. Married couples will spend pleasant and enjoyable time together. You may go for a trip with your spouse and some close friends.

If you are a single, you may face pressure to marry someone. However you are not likely to enter into wedlock now. Married couples will enjoy intimate relations with their love partner.

If you are planning to propose a member of opposite gender, you are likely to get disappointment today. If you still want to go ahead, you need to proceed tactfully. If you are married, your love partner will try hard to make you happy.

Today you may remain confuse in the matters of love and romance. Married couples are likely to show mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Singles ill enjoy pleasures time with person of opposite gender. But you are not decided yet to continue relation for a long time. Married couples may feel some sort of dissatisfaction in their relationship. You need to remove misunderstanding with your partner.

Singles may start planning to get married with whom they are having long-term relationship. Married couples may not have enough time to focus on family life. They are likely to be busy with their workplace. However you are expected to have full cooperation from your batter half.

Singles will not have favorable time this week. You will remain dissatisfied with your life partner. They are not likely to succeed in developing an intimate relationship with a member of the opposite gender. Married couples may have some misunderstanding with their batter half. We advise you to make efforts to maintain cordial relationship with each other.

planetary positions are not favorable for love life. Singles may find it difficult to maintain a long-term intimate relationship with a member of opposite gender of their choice. Married ones will also find difficult to continue their relationship with harmony. Try to look at things from the perspective of your batter half.

Singles will not find circumstances in their favor to make their love relation stronger. We advise married couples to spend some good time with their life partner. Otherwise some sort of misunderstanding will come between both of you.

Love birds are likely to enjoy intimate relation with their love partner. Planetary position are not favorable for harmony in marital life. Singles may not find proper opportunity to maintain close relations.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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