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Daily Forecast (For October 08, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

Planetary positions will give mixed results today. This day is suitable for students. They will perform batter in studies. If you are going to attempt for an important examination or if you are expecting results of an examination today, you will perform as per your capability and hard work. Planetary position will increase self-prestige in you. If you are in a career related to education, you are also going to get recognition and fame.
Try to utilize your mental strength and reasonable thinking for yourself. You will definitely get desired results of your hard work in the future.
If you have kids, you may receive good news related to your children. Spend quality time with them. Help them if they need your support.
You may do counseling and motivational sessions. This day is very suitable for that. You should take care of your stomach today.

We advise you to be extra alert today. We advise you to stay away from any disputes today. You should pass the day in simple manner and peacefully. You may face some unpleasant moments today.
You may have injury today. We advise you to drive vehicles carefully or avoid driving at all. People may defame you. They may humiliate you. Public opinion may go against you. 
Pass this day in a simple manner. Don’t take any important financial decision today. You may face financial loss. Take care of your heart. You may feel some problem in this area. 
Stay away from any alcoholic drinks. You may have some confusion in your mind.

This day is lucky for you. You will perform very well today. You will emerge as a winner in every aspect of your life today. Today is a suitable day to take important decisions and starting new ventures. You will feel full of energy and strength. You will work with full enthusiasm.
Commit yourself for constant self improvement. Others will admire you and praise you. You may enjoy a good time with your brothers and sisters. Make your efforts to maintain cordial relations with them. 
You may have some problem in ear. In case of a problem consult a doctor.

You are expected to receive a good news today. You are likely to enjoy good time with your family. You are likely to get financial profit. But to get financial gains, you should work hard and with full determination. You should avoid giving or taking loans.
You may have some kind of health problem in your eyes and face. So, you should protect these body parts today. If you are already having a problem in these parts, go and consult a doctor immediately.
Make efforts to maintain healthy relations with your neighbors. You are likely to spend some quality time with your relatives and neighbors. 
You will have a good command on your speech and today is very suitable time to do activities connected with voice, be it art, music or oratory. You can perform very well in these fields. You will also have good command over words. Therefore, you can also involve yourself in writing articles.

This day is suitable for you. You may feel emotional and sensitive.
This is a suitable time to do self analysis. You can make sincere efforts to improve your personality. You may use over- sensitiveness of your mind in positive direction. This is suitable day to do your pending works, taking important decisions, starting new projects and entering into financial deals. You may also consider new investments. You can do things in skillful manner today.
You may have a head injury. So, we advise you to protect it.
In case you are feeling mental depression due to your over sensitive state of mind, You should take some rest. You are likely to spend the day with pleasure and happiness in the company of your family.

Planetary positions are unfavorable today. We strictly advise you to avoid starting any new project or taking any important family or business decision. You should also avoid any deals involving loans, sale or purchase deals.
Body parts you need to protect today are your eye, stomach and legs. You may have any injury or problem in it. If you are already having any problem in these body parts, we recommend you to visit a doctor for treatment.
You should keep strict control over excess expenditure. Otherwise these expenses may put into financial crises. Follow healthy food habits.
You may feel depression. You may feel less mentally strong. Social opinion may go against you. Try to handle unpleasant situations carefully. You should tackle all such situations with calm mind.

This day is favorable for you. This day is highly suitable for starting new things or pending works. You can also choose to take important decisions regarding family and business. You may make fresh investments. You may also go for a trip. Trip will give fruitful results. People will praise you. You will receive recognition and appreciation. Others will admire your qualities.
Do not go to distant place. Avoid dealing with strangers. Strangers may harm you.
You may receive a gift from someone. You will enjoy a good family life. You will spend some romantic moments with your life partner.
Maintain good relations with your elder brothers and sisters, and take their blessings. Their blessings will increase your fortune.
Body part you need to protect today is your ear. If you are having some problem in these body part you need to consult a doctor. You may receive some good news.

Planetary positions will give you favorable results. This day is highly suitable for starting new work and business.
You will enjoy your family life today. Others will admire your personality and qualities. You will work hard to grow your business. Your coworkers will appreciate your working style and dedication. If you are looking for a job, this day is suitable for making sincere efforts. Today you are likely to get a good job for you.
You may choose to go for a purchase deal. You will feel sensitive and emotional today. Today you are likely to earn respect and honor. Others will take inspiration from you. You may receive gifts today.
You are likely to have cordial relations with your father. You should assist him and receive his blessings.
Hurdles will be removed at your work place. You will go ahead to achieve your goals.

Planetary positions will give favorable results. Your fortune will favor you today. You will find this day to take important decisions. You can also opt to restart your pending projects. You can make new deals. You can also go for sale and purchase of materials, taking up travels etc. You will remain happy today. You should avoid disputes this day. Your fortune will help you in achieving success in all the work you do.
You are likely to participate in religious activities today. If you do some selfless charity work and indulge yourself in religious rituals, you will surely get benefit in the future.
You will get support from your elders. We advise you to assist them and receive their blessings. In case you are a teacher or a teaching position, you should teach your students with your full devotion.
You are also likely to earn profits today.

This day is not favorable for you. We advise you to live a simple and peaceful life. You should postpone any important work today. You should also refrain from starting new projects and arriving at new decisions. You should also avoid purchase of materials. You should stay away from strangers. Strangers may hurt you. You should also avoid going to unknown places.
Take good care of your food habits, otherwise you will have a disturbed stomach.
Today you may feel some mental unrest or depression. Stay away from disputes.
You may face some humiliation or others may defame you behind your back. Don’t get disturbed from such people.

Today is a favorable day for you. You will enjoy worldly pleasures today. You will enjoy intimate moments with your spouse. You will pass the day happily and peacefully with your family. If you are a single you will be attracted towards a member of opposite gender.
This day is suitable for sale and purchase deals, making fresh financial investments, starting long distance journeys, decision making related to family and business etc. Analyze contribution of your business partner and life partner. Try to understand their point of views. Stay away from excitement and irritation. Your close persons will help you today.
You will have very strong intellectual powers. You will achieve success by using your brain and experience. Body part you need to protect today is area near to your abdomen including reproductive organs. If you are having any problem in this area, then you should consulting a doctor as soon as possible. In short you will have a successful day.

Don’t allow yourself to get irritated. This day is not suitable for you to arrive at important decisions, starting new ventures, making fresh financial investments or involving into business deals. You should be careful while traveling. You should postpone all matters relating to loan deals.
Strictly stay away from any type of disputes and pass this day in a simple manner.
You are very likely to pass your day calmly, yet you should prepare yourself for any difficulty. Do not take a hasty business decision. Do not make a mistake in over enthusiasm. Be very careful while executing your business decision.
This day is also not suitable for health point of view. So, we advise you to take full care of your health.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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