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6th Annual Alto Delhi Comic Con – All set for a Grand Show! Delhi’s biggest pop culture event of the year!

Today:- Delhi, Nov – Con -comic your Alto Delhi India is back with the sixth edition of Comic Con, held NSIC Grounds, Okhla 9, 10 and December 11, 2016 from 11 am to 8 pm will be among Kosubh . Maruti Suzuki Alto, Mick Con Corporation of India this year in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, the presenter of the shows.
Alto Delhi Comic Con 2016, you experience a lot more fun and will Behtrinivent. Best in Show at this year’s action-packed comics, products, toys, and gaming zones empirical, international guests, interact and greet session, gaming, meet fans and much more.
Like every year, DCC will bring special guests and congratulations from fans and will arrange the meet and interact. Famous international Hsatiya, eg, Paul Blackthorne, which British-born actor who’s hit CW series ‘Arrow’ to play the role of Quentin Lance, Eric Larson, co-founder of Image Comics, Marvel Comics is an American cartoonist for the Savage Dragon and Spider-Man is known to work on the Tom Richmond, MAD Magazine, cartoon network, National Geographic for Karikacrist, cartoonist and illustrator Humrs DCC in 2016 and will include many people and will also take special session.
DJ Elliot, Walt Disney World’s official DJ! Alto Delhi Comic Con in 2016, is coming Thirkane audience.

Alto Comic Con, 201 tickets for Delhi 6 Comic Con website ( Http://bitkly/2cZbRst ) will also be available at the venue as well. The ticket price of 375 rupees a day and 675 Super Fan VIP tickets Rupaki nearly the entire three-day gain entry. Super Fan VIP tickets will be issued only in limited numbers. Super Fan tickets can be booked only online, these will not be available at the venue.
Another category of tickets is very close and it is made especially for the fans, which at Comic Con with your friends in a group coming. 5 friends, who have a big book just made specifically for this year’s event wristbands 5 (Limited Edition) will come with the set of the show. Rs 1875 a large gang of friends to buy it.
Jatin Varma, founder, Comic Con India said, “We are in the sixth year in Delhi, which is much bigger and better than ever before! The new exhibitors, activities and features, by far the largest event we have organized! We have a lot to give to the fans and we are the biggest pop-culture event of the year on the Delhi to expect! ‘

Cosplay (costume contest), Comic Con India, one of the chief attractions, the people are still in Bhed good nutrients will certainly award. Comic Con India the 5 categories – 1. comic book / graphic novel 2. Animated Series / Movie 3. Solicited / anime 4. Sky – Fi / Fantasy and Gaming under 5. Every day a winner will be chosen from each category. Also 5 Cospleers Cosplay their passion for the Rs 2,500 (each) will also receive a voucher.

Every day, choose one of 5 lucky winner 50,000 (in cash) and won the Indian championship of Cosplay “will have the opportunity to enter.” Indian championship of Cosplay “Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, the winner of the annual Crown Championship Cosplay competition and will represent the country!

Comic Con this year, a special gift for technology and gaming brought Fans! Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 zone in particular would experience here, with the amazing art installations and gaming zone is empirical.

Nodvin ESL gaming zone, ESL will host India Premiership, Jokionlain and offline tournaments, Monumental prize pools, daily content, celebrity Sodauns, Cosplay is a mix of competition and many others. Alto Comic Con Delhi, India in 2016, ESL fan of Premiership Oflin the last stop will witness the competitions, where at least the last three Champions Cups and three starter more prize money and a large number of spectators will compete on the big stage.

Alto in Delhi comic AXN forest zone and disease – including a Stars Wars story contains specific empirical zone. AXN Zone lots of fun things and it will also give the chance to win some cool Goodies. Some fan favorite characters, such as Sam & Dean, Sherlock, Hijhenberg, Dexter, and be able to see your front and will be able to interact with them! And diseases Forest – A Story Stars Wars, Khushiyamnaaga his upcoming film.

Alto Delhi Comic Con will bring a unique and first of its kind WWE zone. WWE would be huge stage with large LED which fans can choose their favorite WWE Superstar entrance music when they come unto thee on the ramp especially built. WWE fans have ever received this unrivaled experience, and feel themselves to something and your favorite WWE superstar Kamuka is like going into the ring!

Fans at DCC 2016 “Artist Alley ‘will. This zone will bring artists from all over India and Delhi. The fans of comics and related fields who work for the best artists, illustrators, designers will have the chance to interact with. Sumin alley Patel, Aniruddho Chakraborty, Akshay Dhar, Shamik Dasgupta, Rajiv Tmahakr, Sumit Kumar, Prmi Jetwani, silky Chandrasekhar, Nikita Das Gupta, Rohit Soni, Rohan Bhatia and many other artists and will introduce Rchankaron.
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