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Internet Growth Is Slow : UNBC

Today:- According to UNBC (United Nations Broadband Commission) people access to the Internet is slowing and more than half the world is still offline.
The report submitted by UNBC says that richer economies have reached the zenith, but 90% of people in the 48 poorest countries have no access.
The access growth rate has declined drastically in the coming years. The last year, growth rate was 8.6%, but before 2012 it was in double digits.
The reason found was the cost of extending last mile expenditure to rural and remote areas, and a huge slow down in the growth of mobile cellular infrastructure.
According to survey, 3.2 million of people will have direct or indirect access to the Internet, which is 43.4 % of the total population.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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