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Addicted Teens ……….. Alarming Bell

Now watching television has become a favorite pastime for today’s teens or let me say …that they have just become addicted to it. Even when it is their bedtime, they keep on holding the remote button.

Most of the time they are glued to aggressive content on TV through different series or adult films. They don’t like watching clean films. At such a tender age, they can’t differentiate between what they should watch and what is not good for them to watch.

They learn from whatever they watch and bring them to practice in real life. Teens like the aggressive and alcoholic characters on TV and take inspiration from them and like to behave in the same fashion in real life.

Real and Reel life Confusion

In a research done in London, it is found that nowadays, teens have not only become Quarrelsome but also are addicted to alcohol. They like watching those films which show aggressive content and alcoholic characters and get inspired by them and apply it in real life to become like these reel characters.
A study was done on 5163 teens in which they were given various films to watch which included Bridget Jones’s films to Diary of an unknown Aviator. For the next two years these teens were not given any task and their behavior and changes in their likes and dislikes was kept under observation. Later on, it was found that many of these teens developed an inclination rather urge towards drinking alcohol. Even some of them started drinking. It was found that almost 70% teens consumed alcohol at least once in these 2 years & 20 % were those who tried to get it. Many of them started drinking in dangerous groups. WE are saying all this on the basis of the research which is published in Pediatrics journal.
Teens, Why spend rest of your life in addiction…be conscious now…avoid such content on TV.
By :- Kavita and S. Noor

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