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Adele quit smoking due to fear of death

Today:- London, Dec – British singer Adele has revealed that she finally quit smoking, fearing that the bad habit might kill her.

“If I’d carried on smoking, I’d probably have died from a smoking-related illness, and I think that’s really bad,” Adele told mirror.co.uk.

“If I was dying from lung cancer I would have potentially given it to myself and that wouldn’t be something I’d be proud of,” she added.

The “Hello” hitmaker had been smoking 25 cigarettes a day when she had to cancel shows in 2011 after losing her voice.

And after an operation, doctors told her that her career could be over if she did not stop smoking.

Her father, Marc Evans, 53, has also had bowel cancer.

They are believed to have mended their stormy relationship and got back together during his battle against the disease.

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