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Aditya & Shraddha’s jam session with Badshah!

Today:- Dec – When STAR Plus’s show, Dil Hai Hindustani, promises the best of the best talents with their own unique styles of Bollywood music, you know the entertainment quotient is going to break all parameters! While the show boasts about the stellar judges, they were in a recent fix with while judging their recent contestants.

There was a fresh breath of air for our dear judges, when the cast of Ok Jaanu, Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor walked in as contestants and show cased their singing talents before the judges by singing a song from their own movie, a revamped version of Humma Humma. Pranking the audience, the judge’s tricked them into thinking they are just like any other contestant. Little later after their act ended, the judge’s unvelieved the two actors when they were singing Humma Humma, of which Badshah was a part as well. Singing their own rendition of this A R Rehman composition, they invited our beloved judge and rapper Badshah on the stage to jam with them, and even the rapper couldn’t resist himself but hum along their tunes. The crowd went gaga over the jamming session of Aditya, Shraddha and Badshah, where Badshah rapped his own part, while the two actors hailed to him. Karan Johar also mentioned the song is Badshah’s tribute to the musical legend in our industry, A R Rehman.

Promoting their KJo movie on this huge platform, Aditya and Shraddha could feel a sense of comfort singing on the Dil hai Hindustani platform.

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