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Alert…Viral Of Hikokimori Spreading

Today:- Nowadays if you don’t want to meet anyone …..you love to be alone…don’t like to talk to your family members or any friend but you are happy with your computer and internet , means something going wrong with you. You think you are Ok, fine ..no..no…you are facing problem of Hikikomori.
Somewhere we see people locking themaelves in their room for years, creating social and health problem. These kind of people don’t like social life , they love to spend time with computer. This habit is not of any human being, this is called a mental or psychological problem, that is why tjey don’t like gathering. They are addicted of internet surfing and they make internet a part of their life. This kind of mentally problem is known as HIKIkOMORI problem. According to the research, around 2 lack youngsters are suffering from this hikikomori problem.
Hikikomori is in which people refuse to live around family and friends and love to spend time in technical life. Today Japan is the roll model where 7 lakh people are facing this problem. If this situation will remain like this then around 10 lack people will suffer. Hikikomori is related to social and health problem. Especially we can see this problem in youth. They keep themselves in their bedroom rather than go outside. Also they can keep themselves for a year. Kuishu University,Japan finding the solution of this problem. They found also those people who are above 50 years old locked in their room till at least 30 years away from the social life.The reason of this problem is people are not liking to talk with others and don’t want to take responsibility of their family, they run from the scold of their parents. And also they face hikikomori problem from the fear of social life.
By: Shahina Noor-Reporter -Translation-Jasleen Kaur

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