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Alia Bhatt is just like us….

I am not kidding. Believe me in their  teens Bollywood stars are just like us. Hey dude, how many are interested in politics or G.K.?  Nope!  I am sure only a few of us will shake our  heads to say yes. No need to feel ashamed. Be happy & have fun… Actress Alia Bhatt is just like us… yeah she is zero in G.K. and she has guts to admit it. So get ready to find similarities with her.

 LET ME SLEEP… A LITTLE MORE – In morning when our mom tries to wake us up, we curl in our beds again & again. Yeah, you are right Director Mahesh Bhatt’s baby girl does the same like any other teen. Sleeping for 12-13 hours continuously is her favorite.

PARTY GOES ON & ON – Friends, how many of us like to shake our legs in discotheque & have a habit of throwing party too. If yes then, we are like Alia. Yea, like any other teen, She is a party animal & loves to have fun with friends. Of course, she likes dancing on her foot tapping numbers too and hey, that’s why, she goes to Shiamak Davar’s dancing school at four.

CANVAS IS RELAXING – At times, when we feel uneasy and want to relax, we find peace like Alia in our canvas. Alia makes paintings with charcoal to relax in her free time. Apart from that studying, just lying down aimlessly is her favorite. We also enjoy this….  to be in our own world just dreaming. She loves to play handball too.

O…YUMMY …FRIENCH FRIES – French fries….yummy so mouth-watering and tempting. Hey, even Alia feels the same… It makes her taste buds excite like any other teen.

HUSH TO CRUSHhush- hush …mummy will listen it, yeah we always care for our first crush, want to make it secret. It’s fun and exciting to discuss with our friends. Don’t be surprised, Alia has same excitement; her first celebrity crush was Shahrukh Khan.

AIRY JOURNEY..GET GOOSE BUMPS – Alia gets very nervous while travelling by air. We too.

NO – NO Politics – Politics goes out of mind. It’s not our cup of tea. Same with Miss Alia Bhatt. Alia has no interest in politics & she admits it boldly.

IT’S NOT BAD TO BE POOR IN G.K – Very true for Alia Bhatt. Who cares if all the people say her general knowledge is not up to the mark. She made her mark by her acting.

FAILURE IS NOT DEAD END– Her first debut was as a child actress in thriller Sangharsh. In that movie she played childhood of legend actress Preity Zinta, at that time nobody knew that she would make mark in same field. Bhatt’s portrayal of a teenage girl who develops Stockholm syndrome in Imtiaz Ali’s road movie Highway (2014) garnered critical acclaim. She won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress and also garnered a Best Actress nomination at the same ceremony. In her twenties she got great success, the age where we think about our dreams for life to be fulfilled later on.

The age of imagination, the age of fantasy is called teenage. Like us, every successful person in this world has own teen world whether they are common teen or celebrities .

Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt who made their mark in their teen age are just like us. So hey guys, don’t just wait for the right opportunity to come your way…Do anything imaginative, creative and move on…

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