Alia’s love secrets only for best friends

Alia’s love secrets only for best friends


Today:- New Delhi, April – Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt may not openly talk about her love life in the media but it’s one aspect of her life that she freely talks about to her best friends.

Alia, the ambassador of ice cream product Cornetto — which has come up with a Pack of Sharing — says her friends are always the ones with whom she shares jokes, opinions and details about her personal relationships. Here, she has shared some insights:

* Inside jokes: We always reserve all our inappropriate statements, jokes and opinions only to share with our best friends. This is because you know that not only will they get your humour but they will definitely not judge you for it.

* Love tales: You can’t call your friend your best friend unless they know the list of people you’ve dated or wanted to date. They are the ones who support you through the love-struck phases and help you mend the heartbreak too.

* Hunger games: The whole world may not know how much you love to eat, but your bestie definitely does. From your capacity to gobbling down an entire pizza to finishing the otherwise meant to be pack of sharing, only your bestie knows what your tummy is capable of.

* Instagram diaries: We all know that we all rely on consulting our best friends when we want look nothing but the best on Instagram! They are the only ones who will not shy from calling out our ugliest selfies from the best ones.

* Comfortable silence: We all love them because they are also the only people we can have the best time with even if we are completely silent.


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