When tintin’s school bus driver uncle touched her, she felt awkward. She was thinking to conceal it from everyone & was feeling very guilty about it. Friends, if something like this happens to you, don’t keep mum. At least, share it with the person with whom you are most comfortable. Its unsafe touch & you must learn to differentiate about good touch or bad touch. Dear children we need not feel embarrassed about our bodies but at the same time we must protect it.
A safe touch is when mommy hugs and kisses you good night. That makes you feel warm and fuzzy from the inside. A safe touch is when daddy holds you in his lap while he reads you a story .A safe touch even comes as hugs and pats on the back from best your friends.
Say no to protect…….
If a touch makes you feel uncomfortable, whether from friends or relatives, make sure you have to say “No,” “Please Stop,” or even to walk or run away if needed.
Tickling is fun and often harmless but when it gets too rough & it feels bad then it’s time to say no to it.
Don’t keep a secret which you feel wrong to keep.. If someone touches you or asks you to touch them and then tells you to keep it a secret, that is an unsafe touch. You have to share it with your mom.
Dear when you wear a bathing suit, it covers those parts of your body that are meant to be private and are not for others to touch. The only exception would be for cleanliness and particular doctors’ visits or medical procedures.
Don’t let anyone touch you on your private parts or force you to touch their private parts. Stop them immediately and run away.
When we are crossing the street, we should be aware of our surroundings and should look both ways before crossing it; it’s only for our safety.
Trust your instincts!! If you feel something wrong happening, just move away!!
By: Teennews1 Network Team

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