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Anger can make you plump………..


Anger can make you fatty, plump and unhealthy. We are not saying this on our own but it is based on a research. According to a study by the researchers of Association of Physical Science – “Anger is adversely affecting the health of teenage guys. Also, they are more short-tempered.” Their body is robust and fatty. Besides being strong physically, they are intense fighters and bully a lot. Hence, such teens are more prone to obesity in future. They can even face emotional and psychological problems later on.

Teens are not ready to listen anything when they get angry…………Teens, get angry on each small incident……….and they don’t even spare their parents. They argue on tiny issues like going to school, they don’t want to have milk ,not even eat properly, don’t want to exercise and spend most of their time playing and partying with friends. This is an everyday drama in almost all families.

TV…….the culprit of young-age fury and rage:

Today’s teens spend most of their time in watching TV, various serials, films and cartoon shows. Cartoon shows always present their main characters winning over others through fights and violence. These reel life characters encourages today’s generation to imitate them as they feel that violence, hitting and fighting with others is very heroic deed. They feel a sense of pride in it.

Teens are too lonely:

Teens have become secluded, rather deserted. As their parents are so busy in their professional lives, they do not devote much time to kids. Teens feel lonely and negative and such emotions give rise to health disorders like fury, jealousy and hatred.

So hey guys, please consider your parents as your friends and tell them the significance of their quality time in your life.


By:-S.Noor (Reporter)Teennews1 Network Team.

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