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Are You A Diabetic ?……Very Lucky !!!

Now don’t cry you are a diabetic patient ,it is a boon for you.
If you have type-2 diabetes and taking “ Metformin ‘’ medicine… …really you are very lucky.You will not only have a prolong life but will look younger till your late age.It is not a joke or any astrology ,believe me it is a fact. Yes, you will live 15% longer as compared to a normal person.It is true and based on scientific research.Last year researchers at Cardiff University reported that patient with type-2 diabetes who took metformin=medicine lived on average ,more than 15% longer than a group of comparable healthy people .First time scientist are going to recognize ageing as a disease that can be treated .After knowing this fact many institute and drug production firms have become active and optimistic.Now they want to do research on non diabetic person.Nir brazil the director of the institute for Ageing Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine ,New York wants to take the research a step further .by testing if the drug can prolong lives of 3,000 people who are not diabetic .Brazilai and his colleagues are in talks with US Food and Drug Administration about the trial .The researchers have to persuade the FDA to recognize aging as a disease that can be treated .
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