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Are You Ready For A New Friend ?? …Humanoid Robot…Pepper

For the first time a robot has been made with “emotional intelligence”. This robot is named PEPPER, it can read facial expressions and “feel” it’s own emotions. It’s similar to a human’s emotional system. Pepper has cameras and various sensors using which he can make decisions. He can sigh or even raise his voice, he can get scared from dimming lights and happy when praised. It also acts like a robotic scrapbook. You can download as many as 200 applications and record your everyday life.

Soft bank company, who created “pepper” was overwhelmed by the response of the people. On June 20th 2015, “pepper” was officially launched in the Tokyo market and was sold out in just 1 min. The same day 1,000 units of “pepper” were sold out online. The website of Soft bank company announces “orders are no longer being taken and additional sales of pepper are scheduled to be announced on Soft bank’s website in July.”

Pepper’s basic cost is 198,000 yen (INR 101306.20) with a maintenance cost of INR 12694.99 per month for it’s data and insurance fees. Unfortunately, pepper is being sold only in Tokyo at the present date.

Next year “pepper” will be all over the globe. So, get ready to have a new friend – PEPPER
By: Tanya Kabeer(Reporter)Teennews1 Network Team

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