Home Entertainment Audience to enjoy “Sequel Weekend”

Audience to enjoy “Sequel Weekend”

Today:- This is just a sheer coincidence on this Friday can be a real eventful day for movie worms as three sequels will release this weekend Welcome Back( the sequel of Welcome), Transporter Refueled(the fourth movie of Transporter franchise) and Hit man Agent:47( Sequel of Hit man 2007).Welcome-Back-John-Abraham
Welcome seems to be the front runner, but will be a close bout between the three. Inflation cursed Indian audience will have to make a smart choosy move and rest will be seen in pirated DVD’s (thanks to original expensive movie DVD’s), as Indian mind is not blessed with patience.62
The different angle to the story is that controversial Shiney Ahuja will make comeback after three long years. Let’s see whether his acting skill is rusted or has he transformed in role hungry wolf.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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