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Baba Ramdev was open to setting up a Patanjali unit in Pakistan

Today:- Oct – A media house asked about Baba Ramdev’s view on calls to ban Pakistani artistes, he said,” Artists are not terrorists. But do these people have no souls? They are only concerned about their films, earning crores and eating Biryani. Why can’t they condemn the brutal killings of Indians in Uri or elsewhere?”
However, Ramdev, founder of Patanjali Ayurved which recorded a turnover of Rs 5,000 crore in the last financial year, said he was open to the idea of holding yoga camps in Pakistan as “yoga is also an art”.
He said he was also open to setting up a Patanjali unit in Pakistan, adding that “unlike the Pakistani artistes”, he was not going to “bring back any profits” He said he would use the earnings for the welfare of the people in Pakistan.

Ramdev also spoke about Patanjali’s expansion plan. “At Patanjali, we are spending Rs 500 crore on research across our four verticals-food, cosmetics, herbal and home care. We are now looking at dairy also. After all, why should a Nestle make profit our of Indian cows, he said.

He revealed that his company was allotted 400 acres of land by the Maharashtra government recently at lower rates to set up a manufacturing unit, and over 400 acres by the Uttar Pradesh government for the same purpose.

The yoga guru said he does not own a single share in the company, and still sleeps on the floor in his hut.”In the country of Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in swadeshi, I saw MNCs making a killing with foreign-made products, Patanjali was reaction to that. Whether you want to wear jeans or skirt, it should be swadeshi,” said Ramdev, whose company is now making a foray into manufacturing jeans, under the label Paridhaan.

Explaining his business philosophy, he said, “When yoga soars, it becomes udyog (industry). And when it’s related to the country, it becomes Rajyoga (prosperity ),”

Baba Ramdev has given his views to a media house, Teennews1 highlighted some of his views.

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