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Be Emotional and Improve Your Memory

Are you  also forgetting everything like me? I try to memorize but I forget. I honestly tell you, during exam time, I learned all my lessons very well but when I was supposed to write in my sheets, I went absolutely blank. My mom always keeps on suggesting methods to learn and remember. But do you know why it happens to us?

It is surprising…what we teens eat, what we see and observe and in what way we think is all co-related to our memory power.

Psychologists and Researchers of New York University have found certain ways in which we teens can memorize our subjects very well. Psycho-analyst in their research has found that we have a habit of keeping in mind the emotional events very much.  Such events are stored very easily in our minds.

It is proved by the researchers that we combine studies with emotions; we can keep that in mind for a very long time. When we sit down on our study-table, before focusing on our studies and getting absorbed in our books deeply, first we should recall some moments of our life which are full of emotions. Guys, I tell you, you will feel a significant difference. You yourself will see that you can very easily memorize and recall those topics whenever required.

Our Eating Pattern and Diet is linked to our Memory Power

Also, memory is very well related to our eating habit and our lifestyle. Fiber-rich food like green leafy vegetables and fruits, Protein rich diet is very essential for improving our memory. We can find fiber  in drumsticks, ridge gourd etc. Sprouts and dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and dates are also helpful in improving our memory.

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