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Someone Is Rating And Judging You

Today:- Do you want to rate and judge people without mixing with them, now it is possible. You do need not have to know them personally but still you can judge them.
A new app called ‘Peeple’ allows you to rate every single person and they not even know that you are reviewing them .Yes you can rate them publicly because of this new app.
Next month this app will be launched. All you need to do is enter their mobile number into the app and it will allow you to start slagging them off and bigging them up.
According to Daily Mirror report ,Julia Cardray,the app co- founder told Washington Post ,”people do so much research when they just buy a car or take those kind of decisions then why not do the same kind of research on the other aspects of life ?”
Judging app Peeple will be launched in November and allow you to rate people according to their professional, personal and romantic lives.
So, be ready to rate people and make a good circle.
By: T.K.-Teennews1 Network Team

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