Best Wishes to everyone on the occasion of Ram Navami: Baba Ramdev

Best Wishes to everyone on the occasion of Ram Navami: Baba Ramdev


Best Wishes to everyone on the occasion of Ram Navami and 22nd SANYAS DIKSHA Celebration of Revered Swami Ramdev Ji.

Today:- April – Don’t risk the lives of your loved ones and innocent kids by compromising on purity.
Adopt 100% pure and 100% world class quality Patanjali products only.

Major Edible Products of Patanjali
Brown coloured Chakki Fresh Atta, Navratna Atta Made with a combination of nine kinds of cereals, Missi Atta, Methi Atta, Sharbati Atta, Extra Fibre Atta and Diabetic care Atta.

Maida, Cholesterol and Trans fat-free Digestive Biscuits, Milk Biscuits, Coconut Biscuits and other kinds of biscuits. Breakfast Cereals- Cornflakes, Muesli, Oats and Masala Oats etc.
Atta Noodles, Tomato Ketchup, Honey, Power Vita, Cow’s Deshi Ghee, Cow Milk Powder, Sonpapdi and Rasgulla, etc

Patanjali Rice-Best and Nice, is handpicked and superb collection of genuine Basmati, Sona Masoori, Kolam, Katarni and Brown Rice that has the fragrance of your region and taste. Also Patanjali unpolished pulses.

Oils refined through chemical processes lose their natural antioxidants. The best replacement of these chemically refined oils are the Patanjali’s Physically refined healthy oils like the Rice Bran Oil, Virgin Quality Groundnut Oil and Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil. Along with these Patanjali shall be providing other oil variants very soon. Patanjali’s pure fruit Juices re-energies along with satiating you thirst.
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