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Blame Your Parent For Your Irritating Behaviour

Today:-If people do not like you due to your short tempered nature, do not blame to yourself for your aggressive and arguing personality. Blame to your parents for your irritating nature because they are mainly responsible for it.
This is true that parent’s behaviour does impact on their children, parent’s behaviour with each other that follows by children or we can say that parents are idol of children. Children think their parents are perfect and they work well rather than others. But in case parents do fight with each other at home on any big or small topic then children’s behaviour automatically become like their parents. Children fight with their friends, they feel irritated at every time, just because of this they are not able to grow properly and can’t do studies too.

Aggressive nature’s children follow their parents or elder’s behavior indeed. According to the research, the reason behind of children’s aggressiveness are their parents or relative’s behaviour. This research is done by professor Rashmi Shetgiri with the help of Indian child department in university of Texas South Western medical centre. According to them parent’s and other family member’s behaviour make impression on children’s nature. According to the research of Texas, their employees did research on school students. They did research also on parent’s fighting reason and how to control them. During the research on most important thing came out that how deeply parent’s behavior impacting on children’s sense of humour and behaviour. Family’ behaviour can change their children’s nature in a good way. One more thing research said whosoever parents don’t want to fight, either they do compromise or they scoff of each other on the other hand teenagers with aggressive nature said they can’t ignore their insult and they find another way to stop their fight.

By: Shahina Noor-Translation-Jasleen kaur

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