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Blood game and teens

Teen agers started playing with real guns ,pistols and weapons. They love to hold weapons instead of pens, pencils and paint brush. The number of hard core teen criminals are increasing day by day. Teens are becoming more rebellion and independent now days and parents are becoming more helpless and carefree.

Everyone is blaming teens for their negative change especially parents .But ironically the truth is reverse . Actually parents are the one responsible person to make teens mind a criminal mind.

In a survey a very haunting picture came in the light that due to less involvement of parents chidren are becoming aggrasive day by day . Parents have more concern about their career , personal life , freedom and enjoyment . They want to buy all these happiness increasing pocket money of thier children. They want to please thier children spending more money rather than time.

Children also have learned to evaluate every emotion in term of money . They dont bother what thier parents and others expect from them. They dont want to obey any orders of any elders . They just want to be thrilled by hoock or crook. They watch exciting horror and adventurous movies , in real life they want to repeat all those action and adventure .

Teens ,protect yourself from bad future like jail etc ,so that you dont want to be considered as a criminal .Also compel your parents to spend quality time with you so that you have safe and secure future .

By Teennews1 Team….

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