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Body challenges pops up on social media and goes viral

Today :- Jan –Every now and then, anew body challenge pops up on social media and goes viral. And it seems that the first body challenge of 2016 is here –the Underb*** Challenge, which originated on Chinese social media. We give you’re the lowdown on this trend and other body challenges that have become popular online
THE CHALLENGE: to place as many coins as you can on your collarbone. THE AIM: To prove that you are thin enough to place the maximum number of coins on your collarbone. Some women were able to hold up to 80 coins on both collarbones, People have also placed eggs and mobile phones on their collarbones.
THE CHALLENGE: To bring your arm around your waist to touch your bellybutton. THE AIM: To prove how slim you are, If you’re successful, you have a ‘good figure,’ but if your fail, you ‘need to lose weight.’ However, some people have said that this is more a test of flexibility than slimness.
THE CHALLENGE: To have a gap between your bikini briefs and your stomach. THE AIM: To prove that you have a concave stomach. However, it turned out that this challenge-which was being touted as the next the gap –was a hoax with fashion pictures and false tweet
THE CHALLENGE: To place your palms together behind you back, all while holding a mobile phone. THE AIM: To show off you flexibility. So the higher you can get your hands, the better. You’re a ‘goddess’ if your fingertips are the closest to your neck, and a ‘loser’ if you can only raise your arms to the base of your back.
THE CHALLENGE: To show that your thighs don’t touch. THE AIM: To prove that you have an ‘ideal body.’ Some women do thigh-gap workouts and diets, and even undergo surgery to get a thigh gap.
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