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Branded Food Outlets… Stealing Teen’s Pocket Money

All branded food outlets have fixed their eyes on teenager’s pocket money .  Now teen’s centre of attraction is good food outlets after expensive dress craze . They don’t bother what they have dressed but they want to spend their time in a good restaurant with high quality food.

Teenagers’…age of living carefree… Independent…. No tensions…No responsibilities…or even they don’t want to get indulge in these responsibilities…they just want to live their life in a cool way….

They just do what their heart says… living carefree…but for them Pocket money is the need of the hour…. Today’s youth expend their value money on eating best  or partying instead of clothing… They can wear anything suits them but cannot bend with the food quality .

They demand branded food point to enjoy. Today, every school going or college students desires Chinese food, Burger, Pizza and various fast food snacks regularly but from the branded food outlets or restaurants’…no matter what, they can even use their all pocket money to have that one….

So let’s take a look on how teenagers use their valuable pocket money…

Branded clothes… A Big NO NO…. Yes youngsters like to show off…. they can wear anything, which suits them; no matter it is from the street peddlers or on the foot. They do not spend much on clothing they can procure anything from the flee market even….It doesn’t matter whether it is from the branded store or not…whatever suits them they’ll buy.

No Compromise with food…. small kiosks or small food hawkers…these youth cannot even whiff the food of these roadside outlets… they just need excellence food with brand….yes here brand actually matters.

They essentially use their pocket money that they get from their parents; on branded food only. And to meet the parent’s demand, many restaurant’s, food cafe , branded food outlets have commenced couple scheme so that they can afford according to their pocket money.



By:-Ankita Arora  and S.Noor(Reporter)Teennews1 Network Team.


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