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Bread can kill you

Teens are not eating the  homemade  food in their daily life .They just prefer artificial food rather than homemade. But for developing this   food  habit no one can blame teens. Actually both  parents are working now a days and they don’t have time for cooking food so generally they just give children readymade breads with butter, and different kind of jams. Now it has become the regular practice in most of the houses so, teens have developed a very friendly kind of taste with bread.

When they buy fast food from market mostly burger, Pizza , cookies ,cake  ,most of them  are related to bread family. They eat buns, and Pau bhaji ,rusk etc all bread version. This type of  food practice starts from school and continue to college days after that it could not be possible to change life style.

No one bothers whether parents or teens  breads are harmful enough to destroy our  health. It is made by harmful chemicals as artificial sweetener, caramel color  ,hydrogenated oil, ammonium sulfate potassium bromated, etc .All these chemicals are very harmful for our health. They use V.H. preservative to keep fresh breads for days and this very hazardous for our health., but this leads you to be a cancer  patient .Though Potassium is used as a healthy combination , it makes the bread strong and puffy but it increase the trance fat level much  more in bread . And to make them attractive they use color but it includes  the component like 2 and 4 mithilimizajol . According to W H O these kind of chemicals can cause cancer in mouse and humanbieng

So, we must be aware of these components in our daily food and we must increase the use of home made food to save our health.

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