Can force MNCs into a sirsasana: Ramdev

Can force MNCs into a sirsasana: Ramdev


Today:- May – Highlighting the importance of independent and selfreliant economic units Yoga guru Baba Ramdev stressed that, “The impact of mechanization has not been for the benefit of this nation”. Speaking at the Vichar Kumbh conference, on the sidelines of the Simhastha Kumbh Mahaparv, recently, he added, “India’s farm- ers and craftsmen have suffered because of large businesses run by multi-national companies”. The Yoga guru also spoke against branding. “The trend for branded goods has a polluting effect- instead of wearing branded shoes, for example, we should commit ourselves to buying footwear made in our villages by local shoesmiths”. Baba Ramdev suggested that the focus should be on encouraging small and medium scale industries. “If we can promote our cottage industries, then we can force the MNCs into a sirsasna (headstand) and bring swadeshi industries to the shirsh (peak)”, said Baba Ramdev, with reference to a common Yoga position that resembles a head-stand, wherein the body in an inverted position. Baba Ramdev runs the Ayurvedic FMCG Giant Patanjali which has grown from strength in recent Years. In 2015-2016, Patanjali’s turnover grew 150 percent to more than Rs 5,000 crore, and the Yoga guru has publicly challenged established multinational players in the field such as Nestle, Colgate- Palmolive and HUL. His deputy and managing director of Patanjali, Acharya a Balkrishna, has also said that the company is looking to increase its exports and strengthen its presence abroad. At the conference, Baba Ramdev also reiterated his plans t invest Rs 500 crore on cow protection and development research centers. Four such centers are in the works and they will be setup in different parts of the country. The centers will focus on saving and promoting the country’s native breeds –many of which are dying out. In previous decades, the Government had brought and cross-bred foreign breeds in a bid to significantly increase cow productivity.


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