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Captains Nervous about Battling It out with Remo’s Squad in Dance + Season 3!

Today:- June – Dance+ is back with its third season, and this time it’s going to be “Ek Level Up”. While the first two seasons have been extraordinary in terms of performances, this year the grandeur is beyond imagination. Captains Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit J Pathak have handpicked some of the finest dancers from around the country, and are training them to outdo themselves in all aspects.

However, it is going to be a tough competition this season. Not just because it’s the third season but because this season, Remo has his own squad. It’s not an ordinary squad and consists of some of the most renowned international and national acclaimed dancers. The contestants of the show have to match up to their level of dancing, and only then will they be able to survive the show.

The captains of the show are indeed rattled and nervous about this new twist in the format. : Initially when we heard that this season is going to be “Ek Level Up”, we thought that Remo Sir was joking. But now that we know that he has made an entire squad of his own, we’re indeed nervous!” says Shakti Mohan.

“With every season, we’re striving to do something completely different, and bring something new to the table. Remo’s Squad is the “new” factor this season. He has some of the finest dancers in his troop, and it’s a challenge in itself – to make our contestants match up to that level of finesse.” Says Punit Pathak.

Dharmesh is excited and nervous all together. “Dance+ has always been about that ‘extra’ effort. And that’s what we’ve always celebrated. With the introduction of Remo’s Squad, we have another reason to challenge ourselves and set a new benchmark for the seasons to come!” he says

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