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Careless Teens Save Yourself And Your Parents ……

Today:- We have become a doctor of our health problem in today’s busy life. If we take medicine from chemist and get rid of the pain temporarily. We do not even bother about our health checkup which we should do after every six months or in a year. Then the result comes out with chronic disease. Mostly people ignore their problems which turns into brain hemorrhage. Persons can die on the spot because of this problem.
Blood pressure patients avoid their medicines for taste of the food and invite the serious problem. Old age, blood pressure, damage of aneurysm, cholesterol control, heart problem, fatness, addiction of drugs etc. causes brain hemorrhage. weak blood veins of brain or swelling is aneurysm. Research says, 3% to 5%people suffering from intracranial aneurysm. When this happens, the brain does not get enough oxygen or nutrients which causes brain cells to die.
Strokes occur due to problems with the blood supply is blocked or a blood vessel within the brain rupture. This comes in top 3 reasons of untimely death in the world.And around 6 lakhs people died per year due to stroke.

Symptoms of brain attack:-

. Weakness or numbness of the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body.
. confusion or difficulty in speaking or understanding.
. Problems with vision such as dimness or loss of vision in one or both eyes.
. Dizziness or problems with balance or coordination.
There are two kinds if treatment:-
. Open surgery
. Endovascular technique.

According to the doctor, do not stir those people who get attacked, just take them to doctor. Attacked person also have breathing problem so hold their head and put that a little upper side so that they can breath properly. Prior there was a treatment by operation of blood clots, the reason of blood clot problem with the blood supply to the brain. Paralyse is the part of the brain attack. Paralyse attacks on the left or right part of the body. According to the research, around 3% to 5% people have swelled vein which cause stroke and this attack occur by the of 40-50. 30%people can not bear this swelled vein pain and died on the spot and who can bear this pain they live only for a month.

Types of brain attack:-

.Ischemic brain attack
.Brain hemorrhage
.Transient ischemic attack

Doctors says, if aneurysm can control on the time then we can handle the brain hamorrhage problem.If we say about its treatment then it happen by ’clipping’ but it damage the main part of the brain. So, this procedure take very long time.
By:Shahina Noor-Reporter-Translation -Jasleen Kaur

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