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Cash Crunch Must End by New Year, Says Ramdev

Today:- Haridwar,Dec – Cash crunch problems must end by New Year, Baba Ramdev, considered to be close to the Sangh Parivar, told to a prominent newspaper on Monday. He added that there are challenges before the administration to ensure that there’s no dent in the people’s trust in the government.
Demanding strict punishment against the bank officials who “have betrayed Modiji’s mission, of demonetisatio”, Ramdev said guilty officials should be awarded “life imprisonment”. “I am sure Modiji will not spare the guilty and corrupt officials who have back-stabbed him and the people of this country,” he said.
Ramdev said people should not face any inconvenience on account of demonetization. “Short-term losses to industries will be revived but if a labourer is made to stand in a queue four times a month, then each time he stands in the queue to withdraw cash from a bank or ATM, he is losing out on his day’s wage, “he said.“Such procedural problems have lent a huge setback to Modiji’s mission,” the yoga guru-turned-entrepreneur said.


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