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Celebrate Democratic Colour Of Life

Today:- Nov – let the colour be the colour………
Diwali shopping temperament is at its own height and markets are in full bloom. All kinds of ads and attractive tag lines and slogans are pulling people’s attention. No doubt business houses are very intelligently catch people’s mind and sensitivity. They just search the missing thread of people’s life and make them feel that they are here to fill the blank. ‘Celebrate every colour’ the tag line of ‘Sony Bravia T V’ is more or less very appropriate this time and gives us a kind of relief.

When you wear a delicate, soothing ,lovely, enchanting saffron you just start getting comments, now you have become this or you’ve finally started propagating them bla.. bla…

Bright mood enhances yellow make you dull when someone indicates you being some particular follower.

When you pick a fresh, rich look green, suddenly you are kept in a particular category from where all kind of delightful shades of green just makes you feel poor .

Red ,white and black are already reserved for different occasions. So, very few colours are left for our happiness and celebrating mood.

But we should thank to our fashion industry which brings all colours in use turn by turn in the market. Whether it is parrot green or yellow, blue, peach, saffron, purple, pink, red,orange, white, or black. They have to keep the market in rotation so they change the colour, print, design, fabric, texture, everything frequently .This is their profit mantra so it is their strategy to accommodate every colour and culture so well that everything and everyone could feel accepted.

Sometimes a business house, a fashion trend or a commercial film present their views in such a way that your life becomes so easy, so loveable and colourful that you would never expect from your leader’s and thinker’s views. Most of our leaders and thinkers usually try to put things in this or that order which compel us to be in limitation.
So, we should welcome this kind of slogan, ads and tag lines that allow us to enjoy every gift of nature.

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