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Children from World’s Largest School in India write to US President Donald Trump to safeguard their future by forming a World Parliament

Today:- Jan – An Alarming Situation: The future of over two billion children of the world and the generations yet-to-be-born has become progressively more insecure and unprotected during the past seven decades since the outbreak of the second world war and spread of International terrorism, global warming, environmental degradation, stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction, ever-increasing expenditure on research and manufacture of deadliest of weapons, fear of the Third World War and a Nuclear Holocaust.

The world urgently needs a new international political and economic order which can only be formed by calling a meeting of world leaders by one of the most powerful nations of the world to consult over the formation of a World Parliament to ensure a safe and secure future for world’s children and the generations yet-to-be-born. The leaders of the world need to rise above their petty national differences and come together on a democratic peace table.

This thought has also been supported by the Pope, who on 19 June 2015, “made a frank plea to world leaders to ignore the short-term outlook that has always dominated politics”. Please read Independent’s full story: ‘Pope Francis calls for a new system of global government to tackle climate change’ at: https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/pope-francis-calls-for-new-system-of-global-government-to-tackle-climate-change-10330124.html
Deeply concerned with the state of the world and the future of world’s over 2.5 billion children and the generations yet-to-be born,Dr Jagdish Gandhi, founder of the world’s largest school, City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India, had written a letter toUS President Donald Trump on 4th November 2018 appealing him to form a World Parliament for safeguarding the future ofworld’s children. Please find this letter attached herewith. In response to this letter, the White House replied: “We are carefully reviewing your message”.

This letter and a film based on this letter can be found at CMS Website: www.cmseducation.org/appealtopresidenttrump and also on the website of Dr Jagdish Gandhi at:www.jagdishgandhiforworldhappiness.org/appealtopresidenttrump
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