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Children Giving Name To Their Parents

Today:-Child celebs are giving status to their parents. Now parents give their introduction holding their children’s finger or standing behind them as I am father or mother of Faisal khan, Siddhartha Nigam, Ananya Sritam Nanda,Manik Paul,Spandan Chaturvedi, Harshali Malhotra and many more.These stars have fans in crores and very popular among all age group of people,no matter from which background they have came.
Jhalak Dikhla ja reloaded winner and Bharat ke veer putra Maharana Pratap fame, Faisal khan comes from a poor back ground, his father was an auto driver and they could never even imagine themselves standing on such a prestigious platform with such celebrities. But now Faisal’s parents get respect and recognition due to their children. Yes, there are thousands of such  names who are considered as stars and their parents getting respect and status due to them.
teen Actors with femilySuddenly their status is jumped in the society only due to their children which they never could dream without their children’s success. In last 10 years the scenario of society has been completely changed. 
New way of fame and all kind of talent showing platforms are emerging day by day.
All electronic and digital media is supporting to catch and highlight the glamour and talent of any child whole heartily .

Dancing,singing, Gk , acting, sports,circus like ability or getting chance to show their skills in many more fields like science, social welfare and even leading political issues.
Children, teens and youths are capturing all fields of society and making their presence realise to elders.
The time has gone when one can count one or two film child artists on fingers.
Now Parents are getting much more from their children in comparison to 10 years back. Earlier they used to wait for their salary and help in the old age and used to dominate them till their age 50 on the basis of experienced life. But now children have exposure of many aspects of life due to social media tools and digital access.

In many issues they have very clear mind and matured perspective due to fast changes in  society.
Jitin Chawla a career counsellor says, ‘I meet many teens every day and observe that there are many things which elders can learn from them, they keep themselves cool in many situations and they are mature enough to handle most aspects of life in comparison to 20 years back in my time.”

Parents are aware of their children’s ability and are very much interested in grabbing the new kind of career and fame.So, they never mind to push their children to achieve  all these, after all they know very well that they will also enjoy the status of their children and would be able to mix with those people whom they never could meet on their own.
No doubt children have become a ladder to go up stairs in the society structure.
By: Manasi-(Editor & Publisher)

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