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Conference on the theme ‘Transforming India’ held by Forum Of Public School

today:- May – The 8th annual conference of the Forum of Public Schools (FPS) was held on the theme ‘Transforming India – Inspire, Innovate, Integrate.’ The sub themes were Sankar Samvardhan, Era of Artificial Intelligence and Manifesting Global citizenship. Sanjay Bhartiya, Chairperson, FPS Welcomed the chief Guest, Sigy Thomas Vaidhyan (IAS, Director, Niti Aayog, Govt of India) patrons and the guests. Mukta Misra, Secretary FPS read out the annual report of FPS. The chief guest delivered an enlightening in augural address for all stakeholders to strike the Fine balance between teaching and letting learning happen, to create effective pedagogy for the child to reflect. The first session on Sanskar Samvar Samvardhan bay eminent scholar, Dr G C Tripathi, Academic Director, BL Institute of Indology was chaired by SL Jain, Patron FPS and summed up by Dr Shakuntla S Jaiman, executive member, FPS and Principal, CSKM Public School. The second technical session on Artificial intelligence was energized and made stimulating by Prof. MM Pant. The session was chaired by FPS Patron. Suraj Prakash and concluded by Rashmi Malik, Executive member, FPS. All in all it was to shake all concerned out of their complacency to still be teaching outdated curriculum to the students. The session on Manifesting Global Citizenship was chaired by Madhulika Sen, Patron, FPS and was conclude by Sonia Luthra, Executive member, FPS. Anupma Bhardwaj, Vice Chairperson, FPS Gave the vote of thanks.
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