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Conquer Swine Flu in Baba Ramdev style

Today:- The market of speculation is red hot these days as Dengue has gain chosen India to attack in a lucky draw, but the more serious concern is that there are rumors spread that Swine Flu is back and is set to haunt again.
It is said that some cases of Swine Flu are found, when tested for Dengue, the drug makers are expected to yield heavy revenue from India. The country is in panic mode, so is there any easy remedy to combat these viruses.
Yes, there are many remedies, if you believe in Ayurveda and yoga then there is a cure for everything. Kapabhati, Ujjayi, Anolom Vilom and Bhrastrika Pranayama should be practiced on a daily basis as these pranayama focuses on your respiratory system and diaphragm, the part which is most affected by Swine Flu.
There are some ayurvedic remedies and medicine to cure Swine Flu too. For deep information, click on the link below:-

By: Abhilash Srivastava

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