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Manasi with Former President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil

Manasi in Abu Dhabi

Manasi in Dubai (Burj Khalifa)

Manasi with eminent film maker Mr. Prakash Jha

Manasi with eminent film maker Mr. Subhash Ghai

About Teennews1 Editor & Publisher Manasi

In the journalism for about 25 years, Manasi has won all round accolades for her creative ventures. All her productions bear indelible stamp of her creative talent at its best. She has proved her mettle in almost all genres of media. Not only TV but she has also dabbled in film and theatre creations with equal ease and finesse. Not only in electronic media but in print media too, she has made her mark. As feature editor in Naidunia, she has made her features and columns a buzzword in media corridors. Her contribution to print media is also immense. She has been a prolific writer and is a well known one through her contributions to newspapers and magazines like Navbharat Times, Outlook Saptahik, etc. Besides, she has also proved her prowess as an actress. This helps her in characterization in her productions. Manasi’s grip on issues relating to general mass also emanates from her being a woman activist par excellence. Her experience ranges from down to earth to corporates and media world. Besides known well among the firmament of media, her team can boast of skilled and qualified script writers, editors, TV anchors, TV personalities, cinematographers, researchers, video editors. Among her consultants are high and mighty in media and its many barons. Extensively travelled in India and abroad, which includes – United Arab Emirates, Syria, China,Tibet,Nepal, Bhutan,Thailand etc.

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 Teennews1.com ll Green Earth Productions(+91) 9711809197  (mobile number) Email:manasi.teennews@gmail.com; manasi.gep@gmail.com              

About us

Teennews1.com is the first online channel which broadcasts all types of news related to teens and youth. It is a unique platform for teens and youth to showcase their talent.This is extraordinary first online channel which will reflect their sensitive mind and heart in best possible way & provide personal grooming as well.We provide you with the latest trends, fashion & curtain raiser from the entertainment industry.

About Green Earth Productions

Stamp -The production house is credited with makings that speak for themselves about its uncanny knack of capturing the essence of the matter. The about 300 odd productions of the house are a veritable ‘hall of exquisite visual narrative’. Rave

Scape- Among the whole gamut of its innumerable programs to its credit, 25 documentaries deserve a special mention. They have taken in its ambit all hues and variegated landscape that constitutes life.

There is no aspect of life that has escaped the creative brush of this house. Its repertoire includes makings which relate to socio-political, economic, developmental and current affairs that profoundly impacts human lives. Health, education, labor issues, rural development, communal harmony, water conservation, energy conservation, environment and almost all socio-political current affairs are areas where this house has shown its sterling quality. Add to it 39 episodes on even sports.

With the avowed aim of spreading social awareness and dissemination of ideas to all and sundry generations, it reel expertise has excellent documentaries, short films, ad films, videos, programs on fictions, entertainment, tribal, north –east and what not, to its credit.

Clientele- Greenearth Productions is one of India’s most successful independent production houses, prolific across a broad range of genres in feature films, documentaries and television broadcast programming, including environment and wildlife adventure, culture, history, science and technology.

It includes all that matter for production houses, namely, Doordarshan, Private Channels, NGOs, Government Organizations and Universities, Public Sector & Private sector companies, embassies etc. Besides, the house is also empanelled with IGNOU and Public Sector Organizations.

Big Address- Consulting advisor is a media personality who needs no introduction in the realm of print as well as electronic. Almost inevitable for expert comment on every happening that captures the imagination of the populace of this country and abroad on the celluloid, Mr Alok Mehta, embellished with Padma Shri, Editors of Major Dailies and Weeklies recently, has held all top media posts culminating into President, Editor’s Guild of India and Editor of major Hindi dailies & weeklies. Besides him, leading media personalities, health, legal, education and social experts are associated with the house.

Trophies- These include Television Serials and Series and documentaries, namely, Icon of Era (3 episodes) for EMAMI Ltd., Lok Tantra Mein Astha (13 episodes ) for DD National, Insaaf Ka Darwaza (13 episodes) for DD Urdu, Book Matters for RRRLF Kolkata, Jjeene Ki Rah,……………. Rally of Death, Jo Tumko Ho Pasand, Sports India Show, Ghar Ki Talash, Cause We Are Concerned, Century Old Delhi, Badlte Kadam, Pahal, Hills Turn Green, Matighar, Shilp Aur Shilpkar, Stress management, Madhubani Painting, Matka Peer, Foundation for Vocational Education, the list is long. All these got rave reviews in even prestigious magazines like Economic and Political Weekly, Outlook Saptahik, Hindustan, Nav BharaTimes, Nai Dunia and all mainline newspapers.