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Manasi in Abu Dhabi

With Prominent Producer and Director Mr. Subhash Ghai

With Former President Mrs. Pratibha Patil

In Dubai inside Burj Khlifa building

With Prominent Producer and Director Mr. Prakash Jha

About Teennews1 Editor & Publisher Manasi

In the journalism for about 25 years, Manasi has won all round accolades for her creative ventures. All her productions bear indelible stamp of her creative talent at its best. She has proved her mettle in almost all genres of media. Not only TV but she has also dabbled in film and theatre creations with equal ease and finesse.

Not only in electronic media but in print media too, she has made her mark. As feature editor in Naidunia, she has made her features and columns a buzzword in media corridors. Her contribution to print media is also immense.

She has been a prolific writer and is a well known one through her contributions to newspapers and magazines like Navbharat Times, Outlook Saptahik, etc. Besides, she has also proved her prowess as an actress. This helps her in characterization in her productions.

Manasi’s grip on issues relating to general mass also emanates from her being a woman activist par excellence. Her experience ranges from down to earth to corporates and media world.

Besides known well among the firmament of media, her team can boast of skilled and qualified script writers, editors, TV anchors, TV personalities, cinematographers, researchers, video editors. Among her consultants are high and mighty in media and its many barons.

Extensively travelled in India and abroad, which includes – United Arab Emirates, Syria, China,Tibet,Nepal, Bhutan,Thailand etc.

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