Credit my career to all I have worked with: Arjun Rampal

Credit my career to all I have worked with: Arjun Rampal


By Durga Chakravarty
Today:- New Delhi, Nov – Actor and former model Arjun Rampal agrees that modelling did get him noticed, but for his success in Hindi filmdom he credits those with whom he has worked in his over a decade long career.

Asked if he credits modelling for his Bollywood career, Arjun told IANS here: “Yeah, because I think it got me noticed to a certain degree. But finally, I credit more to all the people, who I have worked with and to where I have reached today in this industry.”

The 44-year-old actor says he has made a mark in the industry with the kind of people he has collaborated with.

“I have reached the film industry because the kind of people I have worked with. The actors, directors, producers have constantly had faith in me and have given me chances after chances to evolve, grow and to get into a position…I am just grateful that I am here (in Bollywood),” he added.

Arjun made his acting debut in 2001 with director Rajiv Rai’s “Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat” and his completed 15 years of his journey in Hindi film industry. He has also been a part of films like “Don”, “Aankhen”, “Om Shanti Om”, “Rock On!!” and and “Ra.One”.

How does he describe his journey?

“Very well. In fact, look back at it and say ‘I am so grateful that I am at this position, where I am working with some of the top talents with some of the top directors and producers in some of the most awaited films,” said the National Award winner.

The actor is currently gearing up for the release of the thriller “Kahaani 2” directed by Sujoy Ghosh.

Arjun calls Ghosh, who also directed the 2012 “Kahaani”, a “complete mad hatter.”

“Sujoy (Ghosh) is a complete mad hatter. He has a quirky sense of humour, which I think he likes to bring into all his characters. In the way they talk, their body languages or just the situation he creates for them,” he said.

The “Raajneeti” actor shared that the “nicest part of Ghosh is that he loves, respects his actors”.

This is not the first time Arjun will be seen in a thriller, he has previously worked in the same genre films like “D-Day”, “Aankhen”, “Asambhav” and “Ek Ajnabee”.

Has he seen an evolution in the thriller genre?

“Oh for sure and definitely. I think suspense thrillers anywhere in the world you see them there are very few that come and hit home…You can make a lot of suspense thrillers, but there are really few that you can remember and ‘Kahaani’ was one of them from what I have seen the other one would be ‘Kahaani 2′,” he said.

The “Rock On!!” star will next be seen in “Daddy”, where he will be seen playing the role of Arun Gawli, a gangster-turned-politician of Mumbai.

Gawli was nicknamed ‘Daddy’ as he was considered the Robin Hood of his chawl in Mumbai. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 for the murder of a Shiv Sena leader.

Arjun says the film is very close to his heart.

“It’s a biopic on Arun Gawli. It is a film which is very close to my heart because I think it is a very amazing story to tell…The first look came out and we got a very overwhelming reaction to it,” said the actor, who is married to former Miss India and supermodel Mehr Jesia.
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