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Daily Forecast ( For November 08, 2015 )

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

This day demands careful attention from your side. You should stay away from dispute or tussle. In case of such incidence you will have to face a loss of some sort. You are likely to experience some unpleasant events today. You should avoid loan transactions. We recommend you to repay your loans today. you may get hurt , therefore you should be careful while using tools, sharpened elements or materials of similar type. Do not forget to consult the doctor for any disease or an injury. This is not a suitable day for financial transactions. Try to avoid purchase costly items today. This day is not favorable for doing anything important this day. Be careful from thieves today. It is advisable that you should maintain good relations with everyone. Contact your maternal uncle today. Lead a simple life. Eat healthy food to make sure you don’t fall ill.

This day is suitable for students. You will feel more knowledgeable and sharp minded as compared to other days. If you wish to memories anything or want to understand any subject you are likely to achieve success easily. If you are going to attempt an important examination today, you are likely to perform well according to your capabilities and hard work. You are likely to enjoy the day. Enjoy the day with your friends and relatives. Spend some time with your well-wishers. Others may admire you today. Body parts you need to take care today are your stomach and intestine. Take care of your food habits. Do not over-eat. This may result in health problem. You may receive some good news from your children. You should give needful attention to your children’s welfare and development. Spend some quality time with them. Stay away from unsocial and unreligious persons.

Planetary positions will not produce good results. Avoid driving a vehicle or going for a long drive today. Today you may experience unhappiness. Do not involve yourself in a dispute and try. You may experience unpleasant event. Others may humiliate you. Control your nerves and practice meditation. You may feel some confusion. You may lose faith in religion. We advise you to take part in religious activities. You may feel dissatisfaction inside you. Take extra care of your mother and enjoy the pleasure of her company. Avoid going after worldly pleasures. Take care when going near water. Consult a doctor if you feel any problem in the area of your chest. Maintain cordial relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends.

Planetary positions will yields favorable results. You will achieve success and happiness in all the things you do. You may earn profit today. Enjoy the company of your brothers and sisters; this will enhance your fortune. This day is suitable to take important decisions. This is also a suitable time from the point of view of starting anything new. You may do your pending works today. You will feel victorious, secure and energetic today. You will see growth in your working efficiency and intellectual capabilities. Others will appreciate your qualities. You will feel your fame and importance growing today. This day is favorable for success in your romantic relations.

Maintain cordial relation with your family members and neighbors. Never allow disputes to creep in. You are likely to have good food. Take care of your wealth you may get worry for your savings. Body parts you need to protect today are your teeth and area around that. Do not give loans today or go for big expenditure. You may go for a journey today. Avoid the company of undesirable people.

This day is favorable for you. Utilize favorable trend to improve your fortune. Planetary position will give you prosperity. But you should do hard work for that. Your will feel fresh and healthy. You may analyze your present position and improve it wherever you can. If you are feeling peace of mind, you may go for business deals, travel, starting new projects and making important decisions. 
You will feel sensitive and emotional. You will have strong will power. You will indulge in self analysis. Develop your interests in creative things such as art and culture. Your imaginative powers will help in this field. If you are having emotional outburst and this is making you irritated, keep control over yourself. You are likely to spend this day happily in the company of like-minded and loving people.

Planetary positions are not favorable today; therefore You should remain careful and cautious. Do all your work very carefully. Pass this day simply. Others may defame you and denounce you at your back. Others may oppose you and you may feel depressed due to their behavior. Take some rest when you are depressed. You should avoid visiting places of high altitude, as there is a risk of falling down. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks. Do not go ahead for any financial deals or any loan transactions. Similarly do not go for a trip or start anything new and take important decision during the day. Don’t allow other to use your bed. Body parts you need to protect from getting hurt today are your legs, eyes and the area surrounding your belly. Take healthy food and avoid worries otherwise your health may be at risk.

Planetary position is favorable today. This day will give you beneficial and positive results. You may get profits today. This day is suitable for doing various works relating to starting new ventures, taking new decisions, giving or taking loans, going for journey, making financial investments etc. Spend good time with your brothers and sisters. Making cordial relations with them will bring favorable fortune for you. You may receive gifts today. People will support you and will admire you. Understand the value of your supporters and give importance to them. You will pass a healthy day today. You will feel happy throughout the day. You are likely to spend your family life happily and will achieve success in romantic life.

Planetary positions will give you favorable results. Take care of your father and assist him in his routine work. Make your father happy and receive his blessings. Blessings of your father will enhance your fortune. You will gain recognition and fame in society. 
This day is appropriate for arriving at conclusions on important matters, initiating new financial investments, loans transactions, financial deals, going for travels etc. You may receive gifts today. If you are searching for a new job, you may get success today. Therefore you must work hard to get a good job. This day will be beneficial from the religious point of view.

Planetary positions will bring favorable results today. You are likely to take interest in religious activities and selfless charity work. You may work for the needy. Blessings of others will enhance your fortune. Others will admire your religiousness and appreciate your social work. This day is suitable for taking business decisions, starting new things, making financial investments, making sale and purchase deals etc. You may go for a trip today. Indulge yourself in good works. You will gain fame through your good qualities.  

Planetary position will give you unfavorable results. This day is not suitable for all the important works, such as making financial deals, making financial investments, Taking important financial and family decisions, starting new projects, exchange of loans etc. Live a simple life today. Avoid all type of tussles and disputes. Involvement in disputes will create problems for you. Others may defame you. Avoid dealing with strangers and going to unknown places. Body part you need to take care is your stomach. So we advise you to give proper attention to your food habits, eat only healthy food. You may face hurdles in your way without any valid reason.

Planetary positions will bring favorable results for you. Pay attention to your business or work place. If you wish to get success, you will need to do hard work. This day is suitable for all the important works. You are likely to get success in all task you do today. You may plan to go for travels, making decisions, entering into financial deals, doing fresh investment etc. Take care of your business partners and spouse, and remain loyal to them. Help them and assist them if they need your support. Extend co-operation to them and try to keep them happy. Body part you need to protect is your stomach. This day will be successful for your all round development. You will feel happy today. You are likely to receive good news from all areas of life such as education, children, fortune, wealth etc.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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