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Daily Forecast ( For November 10, 2015 )

Today:- The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

This is favorable time for establishing romantic relationships and taking your sentimental relationship to a higher level. Today, you may enhance or deepen the understanding with your spouse or loved one further. You may have some valuable and memorable experience through your romantic relationship today. Mars and Venus are in such a position that they will make pressure on your mind to establish romantic and physical relations today. Today, you should try to have sour drinks. Today, your favorable color is black. Take care of your relationship with your business associates or partners today. This is a good time to make new business plans and strategies to expend your business. This is a suitable time to rethink the goals you have set for yourself in your life. You are likely to receive some favorable news on business or professional front. Today is a favorable day for your married life. You may spend memorable time with your spouse. You both may enjoy marital pleasures together. But you are advice not to be overcome by your physical urges today. In short, the day will be full of luck for you. You can start a new venture without any doubt in your mind and may also conduct sales and purchase of some materials. Time is good for you financially.

If you are suffering from any disease, you shall get rid of the same today. You are also likely to defeat your enemies. We are advising you to remain cautious from your enemies today. Avoid every possibility of dispute or litigation with others. Take full care to see that there is no such incidence are allowed to go out of hand. The Moon in the sixth house, the house of enemies, may lands you in disputes, so you should take full care. If possible try to reconcile with your enemies. We are also suggesting you to exercise control over your internal enemies viz. ‘Kaam’, ‘Krodh’, ‘Mad’, ‘Lobh’ and Moha’. Beware of thieves also. Today an incidence of theft may occur. You will have a pleasant and peaceful day today. You are also expected to enjoy the company of likeminded and decent people today. Your success and failure will depend upon your own hard work at your workplace. We are advising you to work with full dedication. Today is not a favorable time to start a new project. You are also advice not to lend money to others. Live your life in a simple manner. You should remain vigilant at your work place because there are some possibilities of losses. Give proper attention to your domesticated pat. When in sign Libra, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras Chitra, Swaati and Vishakha. You are advised to worship Lord Shiv and Kaali. Avoid using black color today.

You will feel enthusiastic, energetic and strong today. Today you will feel yourself more intelligent. It is a good day to perform on studies. Your mind will be sharp minded and you will be able to understand things easily. You should utilize your knowledge and intelligence in the best possible manner. You will get excellent results if you use your intelligence in a positive direction. If you are a student and planning to attempt any important examination today your luck will favor you. This day is rewarding for those who are in the field of education or those who want to enhance their knowledge of any subject. Take care of your food or you may face stomach ailments. You should make efforts to spend quality time with your family and friends. Take a good care the welfare of your children. Wear black color today. Worshiping lord Shiva will give you desired results. Take your occupation seriously and Work hard to improve your professional stature. Do not take any important decisions today if you feel confused.

Today you may feel depression. It is advisable for you to stay calm and relaxed. You may take rest or use meditation to feel batter. Stay away from alcohol or smoking. Be careful while you drive. Take care of your vehicle today. Don’t misunderstand your friends and family members. Avoid any type of dispute with them today. You might be on the losing side. There is a possibility of humiliation. So you should take care. Black color will prove unlucky for you today. We are advising you to worship Goddess Mahakali or Durga this day.

This will be a favourable day for you. You will full of courage. You may start a new business or a new project. You can take important decisions or make plans for the future. This is good time for entering into sale and purchase deals. People will praise you. Society will recognize your importance. You will achieve your goals without any hindrance. Your financial prospects are favorable today. You will increase your prosperity today. You will get recognition at your work place. You may get promotion. You should constantly improve your personality. Love your brothers and sisters and care for them. You may have ear problem. If this occurs we advise you to consult your doctor. Stay away from any dispute. You should spend your day with your friends and relatives. Have faith on your own intuitive powers. Develop them further and make them effective for achieving your objectives in the future. You should prefer Black color today.

You will pass the day happily. Today you will enjoy good food. You will prefer to have delicious liquids food or juicy food today. You will have a quality time with your family members. You will feel their affection and care today. There is possibility of an addition in your family. Your family will also feel happy and relaxed today. You may receive good news, which will further increase your joy and happiness. People will find you very attractive today. Today you will look more enthusiastic and more energetic. Financial prospects are also good today. You must avoid giving loans today. It will be favorable if you repay the loans taken by you. You may get benefit from matters related to education. Black is favorable color for you today. You may take important steps to grow your business or to start your business. Businessmen may deal matters related to sale and purchase. Your relation with your neighbors will be cordial today. You are advised to worship Sun God to obtain his blessings.

Today is a suitable time to make efforts for constant self improvement. It is the time to introspect. Analyze your strength and weaknesses. Make your best efforts to overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strength. Take care of your thoughts planetary positions may creates a temperament of cheating others , but you will face the consequences of cheating others if you do that. You may come across like-minded people and may be entertained in their company. . You will have a quality time with your family members. You may utilize this day in the field of art such as music or writing. Stay calm and keep your temperament under control. You will be possessed with negative thoughts about society without realizing that it is the result of your own actions. Black color is lucky color for you today. Worship lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh. You are free to carry our all the business related works, travel, executing decisions, starting new projects etc. You can make this day to be successful according to your own willpower and efforts.

You are likely to feel mental disturbances, irritation and restlessness. You will feel as if your mind is not working efficiently. You should stay away from making decisions today. Today you should not start any new project. Today you may incur loss. Do not do any deals concerning purchase of things. There is every possibility of your incurring excessive expenses under compelling circumstances, but you should try to avoid it. You may experience problems in various forms in your workplace. People are likely to defame you and may create negative circumstances for you. You are also advised not to travel, deals related to business and financial investments etc. Continue spending your life simply. Black color is unfavorable color for today. You may face health problems related to eyes and legs. You may be occupied with a feeling of sin and anxiety. Somebody may spy on you. Some people may try to give you wrong information. You should use your conscience and intelligence to avoid falling into their trap. Do things which are morally correct.

Today people will support you. People will appreciate you today. There are very bright chances of gaining profits today. You will spend some happy time with your friends and family. You may solve your long pending problem today. You will have appriciation in the field of education. You should take care of your elder brothers and sisters, and extend all support to them. Keep a watch on financial matters. Spend time with your well-wishers and supporters. This day will be extremely favorable for business point of view. You may take important decisions, initiating new projects, taking up travels, financial investments, deals related to loans etc. The Black color is favorable color for you today.

Today you will have a very favorable time at your workplace. You will achieve success in your business and working area. The hurdles faced by you will be reduced today. Today you may take decisions, dealing with financial transactions, making trips etc. Your fame and reputation at your workplace will increase, and people will appreciate your charisma and dedication for hard work. You may get promotion today. Make cordial relations with your father. Spend some quality time with him and make him happy. Today is a day for enjoying worldly pleasures. You will spend this day happily with your friends and family. You will excel in the field of education and study. Black color will prove favorable for you today.

This is a suitable day for arriving at decisions, undertaking a journey, starting new projects or business and make financial investments. You will indulge in religious activities today. You may take part in charity work. Today you will feel spiritual and may decide to read a holy book. If you want happiness and peace in your future life, then do some good deeds today. You should do religious works today, the results of it will be highly beneficial for you. Financial prospects are good today. You will spend quality time with your family members. Respect your ancestors and elders, especially father, and receive their blessings. This day will also be favorable for education. If you want to involv in spreading knowledge to others, then this is a good time to start this.

Today seems not to be a good day for you. Avoid taking any important decision, keep pending all your important business related activities and trips, making sale or purchase. starting new projects, making financial investments. . Today there are chances that you may experience problems in your work place. People may go against you and also spread wrong information about you today. Even if everything looks to be under control, you should not get involved in any type of dispute otherwise you may have losses. 
Keep away from high places or going to dangerous areas as possibility of injury is there. You may have some strain. Take a little rest to calm yourself. Avoid dealing with unknown persons and going to unknown places today. Avoid worries and tensions this day and try to spend your time peacefully and happily with your well wishers as much as you can. Try to worship and involve in spiritual activities to keep yourself calm. You are advised to keep away from black color.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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