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Daily Forecast (For November 11, 2015)

Today:- The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

This is favorable time for love birds to establishing romantic relationships and taking your love relationship to a higher strength. Married couples may deepen the understanding with their spouse. You will incline to establish romantic and physical relations today. This time is suitable to make new business plans to grow your business. Fortune will favor in business or professional front. 

You are likely to control your enemies. However we advise you to avoid disputes. You may feel dull and less energetic today.
We advise you to continue to have cordial relation with your younger brothers and sisters.

Students will perform very well today in their studies. This day is good for financial point of view. You will feel enthusiastic, energetic and strong today. Take care of your food or you may face stomach ailments.

You will spend this day in pleasant mood. Don’t misunderstand your friends and family members. You will enjoy compny of your mother. You will perform very good at your workplace.

You may have some misunderstanding with younger brothers and sisters. You may go for a trip. Trip will be fruitful. You will get benefit from unknown persons. You may feel less energetic today.

This is favorable day to enjoy your family life. You will focus on saving. You will enjoy delicious liquids food or juicy food today. You are likely to have financial gains.

You will feel emotional and sensitive today. You will feel physically fit and healthy today. Your pleasing personality will attract others. Day is suitable for love relations.

Control your expenditure otherwise you will put yourself in financial crisis. Your fortune will not support you. You are likely to feel mental disturbances, irritation and restlessness. People are likely to defame you and may create negative circumstances for you.

This day is favorable financially. You will enjoy worldly pleasures today. Students will face some kind of problems in their studies. You may feel confusion.

This day is favorable for gaining recognition and praise at your work place. You will have strong will power. Your father will support you if you need his support.

Your fortune may not favor you. You may participate in religious activities. You may have some misunderstanding with your brothers and sisters. You will feel energetic today.

Day is not favorable for studies. We advise you to work hard if you want success in studies. You are likely to spend good time with family. Spend some quality time with your kids.

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By:Jyotish Mitra

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