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Daily Forecast (For October 03, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

This day is favorable for financial matters. You are likely to earn huge profits today. Favorable incidence relating to finance may occur today. Time is suitable for acquiring land and property.

You will pass a pleasant day. There are possibilities of good incidents during the day. This day is also suitable for family life. You are expected to receive love and affection from your family. Your family will understand and support you.

You are likely to enjoy delicious meal today. You may also receive good news. You may start singing or giving lectures or writing poems or articles. 

You will likely to have very high self confidence today. Under today’s planetary positions you will be successful in enhancing your personality. You will feel mentally very strong and calm.

You will enjoy good relations with your brothers and sisters.

You will have high working efficiency. You will work hard and with full determination at your work place. You will get success in whatever you do at your work place. Others will admire you. Therefore, this day is suitable for taking all types of decisions. You can also start new things and can invest money in property and other immovable assets.

This day is not suitable for love life. Married couples may have some dissatisfaction with their life partner. We advise you to stay away from anti social elements and apply your experience in the right direction.

Control your expenditure and make sure you don’t use your funds extravagantly. Otherwise you will put yourself in financial crises. You should avoid giving loans to others. Do not go for any costly purchase deals.

You may get support or profit from distance places. You may enter into some deal with stranger, which will prove profitable at later stage.

Time is not favorable for family life. Try to spend good time with your family members. This day is also not suitable for financial matters. Avoid doing anything important today. Avoid doing new financial investments today.

Your enemies will try to hurt you. You are advise to avoid any dispute at any cost. If you are having any disease, we advise you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Live simple life. You are likely to have anxiety today. We advise you to take rest and be calm. Do not go to high places as you may fall from there. Take care of your eyes and legs.

Planetary position today will produce extremely good results. This day is favorable for all type of works. You may start new work / project, make new deals, take important business decisions etc. Your health and physical strength will play an important role in your success.

You are likely to receive huge financial profit today.

You will have pleasing personality today. Others will admire you for your qualities. If you are having ear related disease, then you will feel some relief today. However, We advise you to consult a doctor.

Time is not suitable for students. We advise students to work harder if they want to achieve in the field of education.

Today planetary positions are not favorable. You may face some problems at your work place. You should avoid doing anything new in tour business. 

Control your expenses. You are expected to shop extravagantly. We advise you to stay away from making new financial investment. You are advised to work hard to enhance your position at your work place. If you are looking for a job, try hard today for obtaining a job. Your fortune is likely to favor you today.

You may also have some problem in relation with your mother. Take good care of your mother. Make her happy and take her blessings. Her blessings will increase your fortune.

Time is also not suitable for making any deal related to land and property. 

This is a favorable day for you. You are likely to participate in some religious event or activity. You may plan to travel any distant religious place. Visit will give you pleasure. Your fortune will support you today. You are likely to get support from your elders. Their blessings will definitely enhance your fortune. 

This day is also favorable for you. You are likely to earn huge profit today. You can start new works and enter into new business agreements.

People will praise you. You will get fame and recognition. You are also likely to have success in the field of knowledge. Charity work is beneficial for you.

You may feel dull and less energetic. You will not have very cordial relation with your brothers and sisters.

This day is suitable for ancestral property. You may get gift from your elders.

Planetary positions will yield unfavorable results in business matters today. You should avoid new investments. You should stay away from any types of dealings regarding sale and purchase, taking important decisions, starting new projects and giving or receiving loans.

Take care of your food habits. We advise you not to have contact with any stranger and avoid going to unknown places.

 Do not involve in any dispute or allow any dispute to build. Keep your mind calm. Live simple life.

This day is very favorable for love life and for worldly pleasures. You will spend good times with your loved one. You will experience the intimate ties with your love partner. If you are planning to propose someone today, you are likely to come out successful in it.
Singles may meet someone special with whom they may build long lasting relationship.

Evaluate your business partners and associates.

You may participate in religious or social activities. You may involve yourself in charity work. It will be good for your bright future.

This day is likely to be favorable for variety of works such as starting new projects, taking up sale and purchase deals, and taking up travel. This day will prove lucky from professional point of view.

Today you will easily control your enemies. However we advise you to avoid disputes. Pass the day calmly and peacefully. You may face some minor problems in your routine life but you will pass happy day today.

You may receive some property or valuable ornament from your elders. You should also take care of your expenditure. Avoid going for shopping today.

You should not do any important work like decision making, starting of new business, giving or taking loans etc. Do not enter into new business partnerships today. You should try to pass this day happily.

This day is not favorable for health, as there is a risk of getting injured. You must take care of your stomach also. If you are experiencing any health problem, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Do not go to unknown places this day. Avoid dealing with strangers. You are advised to be careful from your enemies and get rid of them.

This day is extremely suitable for students. Students will gain knowledge very easily. They will have sharp mind. Students will perform well in the field of knowledge and education according to their hard work and ability. You may start to read a book. You will feel happy today.

This day is also favorable for matters relating to romance and love. You may spend some intimate moments with your loved ones. You are likely to enjoy happy moments with your kids. Help your children and make her happy.

This day is favorable for taking important decisions, starting new projects, taking up sale and purchase deals as well as loan transactions, financial investments etc. However you need to work hard for financial gains today.

This day is suitable for happiness from your mother. You will spend good time with your mother. You are advise to make your mother happy and assist her in her works.

You are likely to get profit from land or property. You may opt to purchase vehicle or land today. You love to stay at home today.

You will control your enemies and opponents today. Your opponent will accept your superiority. You may not have very good relations with your father. So we advise you to make your best efforts to maintain good relations with your father.

We also advise you to avoid all sorts of important works such as taking important decisions, starting something new at your work place and avoid financial matters, sale and purchase deals etc. Pass the day in a simple manner and with family.

Take some precautions when you are around water. Be careful while driving vehicles, as there are some possibilities of accidents. 

You are likely to spend good time with your brothers and sisters. You will support them and your relations with them will be cordial.

Today you will feel energetic and full of enthusiasm. People will praise your determination and hard work. Coworkers will be in support of you and their opinion will be in your favor.

Students will have a good time in the field of education and knowledge. You will have sharper mind today. You are likely to pass your time happily in the company of your brothers and sisters.

Your fortune will not support you. You will also not tale interest in religious activities today.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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