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Daily Forecast (For October 20, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

The day will bring luck and fortune to you. You may start new projects or make important decisions today. You will feel yourself more energetic and more efficient. You will involve yourself in religious activities. There is possibility that you may be rewarded for some good work done earlier. Spend good time with your younger brother or sister. You may experience pleasure time with your family members and friends. You should consume sweetened food. Today you may look at your past life. You will derive inspiration from your ancestors. Today you may give time to self-analysis. Your favorable color is Yellow today.

Planetary position is not favorable today. Your working efficiency will reduce today. You should remain cautious today. Avoid taking any decision and lead a simple life today. Do not travel to any unknown place as there is a risk of some unpleasant incidence. 
Make cordial relation with your younger brothers and sisters. Don’t be careless about your food habits. Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks today. You may get financial benefits. You should avoid to get involve in disputes with anybody today, otherwise you may face humiliation. You should not give or receive loans to anybody.

If you are involve in a love relationship then this day is favorable for taking the relation to higher level. Married couple will have pleasure time with their life partner. Today you may feel that all your wishes will be fulfilled soon. You may feel the vigor of youth, but the intensity will vary from person to person. Time is suitable from health point of view. Be careful of your business partners and associates. This is a favorable day to start a trip. Financial prospects are also good today. You may earn money from various sources. You will also make efforts to acquire more knowledge. Worshiping lord Shiva will be beneficial for you. Yellow is a favorable color for you today.

Do not involve in any dispute today. You are advice to win your enemies with love and affection. Avoid over expenditure today. Do not start any new projects nor take up deals connected with sales and purchase this day. Avoid getting involved in purchase of valuable materials today. You may face health problems, don’t delay consulting a doctor in such case. Take caution for injuries today. You may involve in an accident. Avoid having any transaction concerning giving or taking new loans. Try to repay loans.  

You may start a journey or may do activities regarding giving or taking new loans. This is the suitable time to apply your knowledge and skill to improve your efficiency. Time is not suitable for students. They should work hard in the field of education. Devote this day to your career; spend time thinking about it and planning your future education. You may have financial gains with some hurdles.

You may love to stay at home. Look after the welfare of your mother and receiver her good wishes. You may utilize your emotions in creative or artistic fields. You have to pay special attention to run your day to day business activities. Take care while using vehicles. Stay away from any argument or you may face humiliation. You are advised not to use wrong methods to get rid of your problems. You are advised to take rest. You can also use meditation to calm yourself.

Making cordial relations with younger brothers and sisters and working for their welfare will prove lucky for you. Today you will feel batter working efficiency. Difficulties will be removed from your life and it will become easier for you today. You will feel more self-confident and courageous. Today you can use this day in achieving your goals and making life more successful. You will be successful if you do so. You may have a health problem related to your ear. If you feel such a problem, you should consult a doctor.

Take care of your eyes today. This day is favorable for singing and oratory etc. You should also try to develop your writing skills.
Field of education will give you suitable results. You should eat healthy food. Time is suitable for you to increase your bank balance. You will have affection of your family members. You may receive good news today. Do not get irritated. Don’t participate in any disputes. Yellow is lucky color for you today.

You will have a pleasing personality today. Today you will have sensitive state of mind. Your thoughts will have wings today. You should utilize your extra sensitiveness in various fields related to art and culture. You may do self analysis to find solutions of your problems. Spending time with likeminded people will make you happy and relaxed. Day is favorable from health point of view. Avoid disputes of any kind. Involve in good deeds because your good actions will be appreciated and accepted by society and you will gain fame and respect. Time is favorable financially.

Keep control over your expenses. Time is not favorable today to purchase valuable items. Avoid any dispute. You should spend this day in a simple way. You should avoid taking any major decisions. Be careful for health problem related to your eyes. Take care of your food habits. Otherwise you may have health problems. Planetary positions will help you make good use of your mental status in areas relating to studies, teaching, painting, writing etc. Yellow color is not lucky color for you today.

Today you will work hard at your work place. You will defeat your enemies. You will spend this day happily. You will remain cheerful and healthy today. You may receive some good news. Time is suitable for studies. If you are planning to attempt an important examination, you will perform batter. Today you will get public appreciation. People will support you and also praise your character and personality. You should control your temperament and try to avoid get irritated. 

You will get success at your workplace. Today people will praise you for your achievements. This day will bring you fame and recognition. You may get reward today. You may get promotion today. Time is also suitable for studies. You will perform batter at campus. You will have some good news from your mother or immovable property. Spend some quality time with your father or elder persons.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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