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Daily Forecast (For October 24, 2015)

Today:-The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

You are likely to earn profit with your mental strength and determination. Planetary position will bring profitability to you today. You can also get profit from your immovable property. If you want to invest money in property, today is the right time to do so. You can also purchase a vehicle. Your mother can also support you financially. Make her happy and take her blessings. Time is favorable for students. You can memorize anything easily. You may pass good time with your kids. Work for their welfare if they need it.

Time is favorable for family life. You are likely to spend good time with your mother. You may have some differences with your father. Assist him in his work. Do your best efforts to maintain cordial relations with him. Planetary positions are not adverse for your working. But at the same time you need to work hard if you need success and recognition at your office.

This day is favorable for you. This is a suitable day for taking decision. You will pass a good time with your family. You will have cordial relation with your brothers and sisters. You will help others. Your luck will support you. You will feel some hurdles but overall you will get everything you want today. This day is also suitable for profitability. You will earn money with Nobel deeds. You will involve in charity work and religious activities. it will give good results in future.

Today is not a favorable day for you. Time is suitable financially. Be careful and avoid participating in disputes. You are going to get loss in such circumstances. You may have depression. You need to work hard if you want success today.
You may face some kind of health problem. Today your personality will not attract others. Try to pass this day calmly and as simply as you possibly can. Avoid going to unknown places and meeting with strangers. 

This is not a suitable day for love life. This day is also not suitable for earning also. You will not perform well at your workplace. Control your expenditure. Otherwise you will face a financial crisis. Don’t purchase any costly item today. You may get support from strangers today. If you are a married person, you are likely to have a major dispute with your life partner. Those in a relation may have some argument with their loved one.

Be careful in money related issues. You are advice to stay away from purchase deals or to start anything new. Stay away from giving and taking loans. Don’t participate in any disputes today. Your enemies will try to hurt you today. We advise you to win your enemies with love and compassion. This day is also not suitable for health also. If you are facing any health issue, you are advise to consult a doctor immediately.

This is a favorable day for family life. This day is also very favorable for students. You will perform best according to your capabilities. it is a favorable day for improving your knowledge. You should utilize your experience and knowledge for progress at your workplace. You will get success according to your hard work. This day is beneficial for starting new things and financial matters. You are expected to receive good news from your kids. Your children will make you happy. Today is a favorable day for all types of work concerning starting of things, starting executing decisions, doing deals related to sale & purchase costly materials, going for a trip, making financial investments etc.

Today you love to stay at home. Destiny will favor you today. You will love to participate in religious activities. You may also involve you in social and charity work. This day is favorable for family life. You will enjoy cordial relation with your mother. You should not allow any disputes with your family members and especially with your mother to either start or prolong further. Time is suitable to purchase immovable assets and vehicles. This is a suitable time to pursue creative activities like painting and drawings. Stay away from watery places.

You are likely to have some problem in relationship with your brother and sisters. Today your luck will favor you but you may face some hurdles at your workplace. You need to work very hard to get success. Today you will feel dull. You will not work very efficiently at your workplace today. You should not waste your time in laziness.

Time is not very much favorable for love life. Your partner may misunderstand you or may hurt your feelings. You will spend good time with your relatives and friends. You and all the family members will feel good today. You will get love and affection from your family. There may be some problem in your eyes. Time is suitable for arts like singing, oratory, writing, painting etc. This is a favorable day for financial profit. You are likely to increase your bank balance today. You may receive a good news today. This day is favorable financially. Be alert for your food habits. Don’t eat unhealthy food.

This is not a favorable day for you. Your enemies will try to hurt you. You will try to overcome them with your soft behavior and mental strength. You may have health problem today. You are likely to be over sensitive today. You may feel depression or mental unrest. You should keep your mind calm. Take control over your emotions today. Make your emotions your strength. You may be a victim of emotional feelings, which will be favorable in developing various talents such as singing, painting, writing etc.

This day is not suitable for students. Students should work harder in their studies. You should avoid taking important business decisions or starting any new projects. People can make opinion against you. Avoid financial dealings and travel today.
You should keep control over your expenses. You should not do any transaction relating sale or purchase expensive items, as you may incur losses. You should take care of your legs and eyes. You will have apprehensive, disturbed and sorrowful state of mind. Avoid going to higher places or going through unknown places.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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