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Daily Forecast (For October 25, 2015)

Today:-The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

Keep control on your expenditure. You are likely to spend your money unwisely. This is favorable day for investing Jewelry, clothes, Property, land or vehicles.  You may feel depressed and mental unrest. Take rest if you are feeling tired . Time is favorable to start a journey. If you start a long trip to a unknown place, then it will give good results. Whether you are traveling for enjoyment or business, the outcome will be good.

Planetary positions are profitable for you. You are likely to have good profit today. You may get success at your work place. This is a favorable day to take major business decisions today. You will get support from your family and friends. You are likely to have a good time with your family. You will experience relaxation and happiness throughout this day.  You will have a healthy day today. You may experience ear problem. If you are attracted towards worldly pleasures, then you will have opportunities for achieving it. People will admire you because of your positive personality. You will have prestige and recognition today. Your fame will be widespread. You may get new responsibilities or promotion today.

You are likely to take interest in business activities. You may start new projects or take business related decisions. There are chances of gaining money from an unexpected source. If you properly utilize your knowledge, you will increase the chances of your success. You are likely to have some memorable time with your family members. Luck and destiny will favor you. Someone may give you gifts today. You will focus at your workplace. You will get respect and appreciation today. People will admire you for your practical wisdom. Your fame will be widespread and you will get success in your business. 

Planetary position will help you in developing spirituality. Take blessings from your parents. You may meet like minded persons today. This day will be a good day for you, full of happiness. This is a suitable day for taking various decisions, starting new projects, and entering into sale and purchase deals. You may involve yourself in religious activities today. You may also go for a religious place. Time is also suitable for charity work. All your religious tasks like giving donations, helping to helpless persons and other noble works will help in improving your luck. People will admire your good deeds. 

This day is not a very favorable day today. Someone may try to defame you. Be alert with your opponents. Do not do anything to provoke your opponent. You may feel mental unrest today. Stay calm. There is a possibility of obtaining ancestral property today. Avoid association with anti social elements. You should avoid taking important business decisions and starting new projects. Try to spending a simple life. Do not do any expensive sale and purchase deal today. Avoid all matters related with taking or giving loans today. Avoid traveling to unknown places and meeting strangers. 

This is a suitable day for love birds. You are also expected to have a happy family life. Analyze your present business success and work hard to make it grow. You should remain genuine and never try to be dishonest with others because wrong means will give you wrong results. This day is favorable in all matters concerning various deals related to sale and purchase of costly items, giving and taking loans, making financial investments etc. Planetary positions will make this day happy for you. You will experience pleasure from physical intimacy with your life partner. You will feel happy in matters related to love. This day is also favorable for matters concerning your children. This day is also very suitable for students. Students will gain knowledge and experience. You may go for a travel. Trip will be rewarding.

You are likely to have some kind of argument with others. Take care that nothing unpleasant happens. Beware from your enemies. It will be wise for you to do your work patiently. Do not try to do anything new. Be careful from thief. Protect you and your house from such incidence. Time is also not suitable from health point of view. You may have injury. This day will be suitable for consulting a doctor in connection with any disease. We advise you to stay away from matters concerning sale and purchase of costly items today. We also advise you to avoid taking business related decisions and starting new things.
This is a good day for students. Students will find it most favorable for studies. In case you are planning to attempt any important exam, you will have favorable result depending upon your capabilities. Your hard work relating to the field of study and knowledge will give favorable results. Support your children and other less fortunate children, which will help in improving your own luck. You may have stomach problem. So, you should give proper attention to your food habits. You may plan to start new business, to take business decisions, going for a travel etc. You may meet intellectuals depending upon your own status. You may learn a lot from them. 

Planetary positions are not favorable today. Be careful while driving vehicles, as there are possibility of injury from vehicles. There is a possibility that you may face opposition from your family. Society may go against you. You are advised not to start any new business or project, arrive at important financial decisions, making sale and purchase deals, and investments in any form.

Planetary positions are likely to produce favorable results today. You are likely to pass good time with your brothers and sisters. We advise you to extend a helping hand to your brothers and sisters. You may feel interested in the field of creative art and writing. You will feel energetic today. You will work with full enthusiasm. Others will appreciate your personal qualities. This is the day favorable for achieving success. You may start new venture, take important decisions, making deals relating to sale and purchase, start journey etc.

Take care of your eyes and neck. You should also take care about your food habits. Have a cordial relation with your family and neighbors. If you are having dispute with them, then try your best to make healthy relations. Today you may receive good news. Today you will focus on savings. We advise you to avoid purchase of any costly material. You may opt to start new things and making important financial decision.

This is a favorable day for you. Today you may give time to self analysis. You may evaluate your talents and try to improvement yourself accordingly. Your mind may remain in an over sensitive emotional state today. You may meet your friend. Time is suitable for all the important activities. This day is suitable for giving favorable results to you. Now it depends on you as to whether you utilize it for your own well being or produce losses and loose the opportunity. This is a good day for students also. They will gain knowledge easily. They will easily memories things.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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