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Daily Forecast (For October 27, 2015)

Today:- The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

You are likely to feel emotionally sensitive and irritated without any major reason.  Today is a suitable day of self-analysis. We advise you to control your mood and stay calm. You can be successful if you use your sensitiveness in right direction.
Time is favorable for starting new and important thing. You may start your pending projects or new business or executing your plans. Your favorable color is red. Use red color.

You should avoid disputes today. Indulging in any type of argument may be harmful for you. Do some therapies like yoga and meditation to stay calm. Avoid starting new projects. Starting a new project may result in loss. Avoid standing on high places, as there is the risk of injury from falling down. Today you may feel weak-willed and unstable. Your mind will remain disturbed and tense. You will feel vulnerable today. Avoid using red color today. Keep a control over your behavior. Don’t be unfair to others. Avoid purchase of anything costly and stay away from lending money today. Control your expenditure; otherwise you will create a financial crisis for you. You should also postpone heavy investments.

Planetary positions are extremely favorable for you. Maintain cordial relations with your brothers and sisters, this will help you in increasing your luck. You will enjoy worldly comforts today. You are likely to get profit from different sources of income. Red is a lucky color for you today. If you have kids, you are likely to pass the day happily in the company of your children and will lead a happy and satisfactory family life today. This is a good day for students. They will get success in the field of education and knowledge. If you work hard, you may get a promotion or salary raise. In other words this day seems to be favorable from all financial aspects. 

You are likely to spend this day happily with your family members. Red color proves to be lucky color for you today. Planetary positions will give good results today. You are advised to utilize this day to grow your business. Focus on business related matters. You will get admiration and respect at your work place and people will follow your orders. This is the day for working for social work. 
Respect your father and take care of his needs, as it will be fruitful for you. You need to take his blessings to improve your fortune. Today you will feel pleasant and comfortable.

You may take important decisions today. Take blessings from your elderly. Donating, helping others and doing works of public interest will be good for you. Red will be your lucky color today. This day will be very favorable for starting spiritual journey of your life and doing things like yoga and Meditation. You can participate in religious activities. You can also go for a religious place. Your charity work will bring fruitful results today. Initiative taken today will be rewarded with good results. Do the right things. All works undertaken will be successful today. 

Fortune may not favor in what you do today. Avoid getting involved in any form of dispute. Otherwise you will get humiliation and losses. You should try to relax a little to avoid depression. Don’t consume alcoholic drinks. You are advised to live a simple life today and avoid any matter regarding business. You should avoid finalizing new deals or arrive at important business decisions today. Give proper attention to your food habits. Otherwise you may get stomach problem. Do not undertake travel to unknown places and avoid dealing with strangers. You may feel irritated today, but you should try to control your behavior. Red color will be unfavorable for you today. Try to lead a peaceful family life. Keep away from anti social elements and never indulge in immoral activities.

Today you will seek worldly pleasure. You will desire to have intimate physical relations with your life partner. You will experience pleasure from physical bonding. Love and marriage matters will give you happiness. You should focus on your career this may prove to be more fruitful for you. Today you may plan for financial investment and starting new things. You may execute sale and purchase deals and go for a trip. There will be opportunities to enjoy good food. Planetary positions will produce favorable results today. Red is favorable color for you today.

Be careful from your enemies. Do not give or take loans. Meet your maternal uncle today and try to improve bilateral relations through mutual co-operation thereby developing happier relationships. You may feel disturbed and irritated this day. Your mind may also remain unreasonably puzzled. You should not start anything new. Time is not favorable for doing business activities or taking important decisions. You may go for travel. Strictly stay away from disputes. Red is not a favorable color for you today. Consult a doctor in case you are suffering from a disease. You may face stomach problem today.

There is a possibility of gaining profit today. You should work hard to get maximum benefit from the day. This is the day that will help you shape your future, so spend it carefully. This is a good day for students. This is a suitable opportunity for taking or giving knowledge and other matters related to education. Be alert in your food habits this day, as you are likely to suffer from stomach ailment. You may get irritated or remain disturbed today, but never get into any dispute as your achievements this day will go a long way. You may carry out devotional activities and practice healing therapies like yoga. Whatever you study carefully will be embedded into your memory firmly and quickly. Those who are in the field of study or are appearing for exams will be successful in their endeavors. Stay away from anti social persons and avoid using wrong means to get profit. Red is your lucky color today.

Pass the day simply and try to move ahead in the path of peace and prosperity. Planetary positions will not produce favorable results today. There is possibility of minor injury from a vehicle. So you should be careful while driving. Demonstrate caution in matters relating to water and be careful of domestic animals also. Red is not suitable color for you today. You should avoid sale and purchase deals, making important decisions, starting new ventures, making fresh investments, starting journey etc. You may achieve success in areas relating to land and property. Spend some time with your family members. Assist your mother and take her blessings.

This is the day for your growth and development. This is the day of victory for you. People will admire you and will appreciate your virtues. Today you will achieve fame. Planetary positions will give favorable results. Red color will be lucky for you. You will feel energetic and full of enthusiasm today. Time is suitable to start new things, make financial investments, matters relating loan transactions etc. This day is good for pleasure in the matters relating to romance and for your marital life as well.
Assist your younger brothers, sisters and others. Spend some good time with them. You will feel cheerful today. You may also involve in religious activities.

We advise you to be cautious about your food habits today. Avoid using harsh words and be soft-spoken. Take care of your relationships with other family members. You may also succeed in the field of writing poems and articles today. You may receive good news today. This day is suitable for starting all important works today. You will increase your savings today. It will be better not to give loans to others. This is suitable day for students. You may make efforts to enhance your education.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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