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Daily Forecast (For October 31, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

You will be successful in all the tasks you do today. If you are planning to start an organization, today is suitable time to go ahead with the same. Avoid consuming alcohol or else you may be a victim of mental strain. Today you will feel enthusiastic and energetic. Don’t be impatient for anything. You will get success at your work place. We advise you to work hard and with full determination to achieve success. Analyze your relationship with your brothers and sisters. We advised you to maintain cordial relations with them. You should make sincere efforts to strengthen them further. Good relations with your brothers and sisters will bring good fortune for you. We advise you to give attention to your throat and ear. If you are experiencing problem in it you should consult to your doctor soon.

Singing or other performing arts related to voice will give you good results. You can perform well in public speaking. Today you are likely to receive good news. There are possibilities of expansion in your family. Some auspicious events may take place in your home. You are likely to enjoy delicious food. Maintain cordial relations with your neighbors and as far as possible you should try to live in peace with them. Avoid expenditure and make efforts for savings. This is a good day for increasing your savings. Do not give and take loans to others. Take care of you food habits. You should stay away from alcoholic drinks. Take special care of your eyes and keep them well protected. If you are experiencing eye problem you should consult a doctor immediately.

Today is a favorable day for you. You are likely to get success at your workplace. Use your wisdom and experience to take important decisions for business or family. You will earn money today. Today is a suitable day for self analysis. You will feel emotional or sentimental today. Stay calm if you are experiencing emotional outburst. Your family and friends will give you support you today. Spend some pleasure time with your spouse and children.

Planetary positions will not yield very favorable results today. You may feel depression. Use meditation to control your emotional outburst. Stay away from any dispute, as you may come out as a loser.  Control your expenditure today. Avoid giving and taking loans. Time is also not important to take important financial decisions. We advise you to live simple life and keep postponing all important works. You may experience unpleasant events today. Stay away from alcoholic drinks. Exercise control over your expenditure, otherwise over expenditure made by you may bring you in financial crisis. You should care your left eye and leg.

This day is favorable for you.  You can involve you in music and performing art. In case you are having problem in your ear, consult a doctor for treatment. Today you will surely get financial benefit. There is a possibility of an increase in income. You may get sudden profits. Others will support you today. They will admire your qualities. You should please your elder brothers and sisters and receive their blessings.

Planetary positions will give you good results. You will use your abilities and experience to good effect this day. This day is favorable for starting new projects, arriving at important decisions, entering into deals relating to sale-purchase and loans and travel etc.
You will get admiration at your work place. You will work hard and with full determination. You are likely to achieve name and fame today. People will follow your suggestions. If you are searching a job, You may find a suitable job today. We advise to work whole heartedly for that. You will pass the day happily with your life partner. You may enjoy physical bonding with your partner, and in matters relating to love.

This day is favorable for you. You may involve yourself in religious rituals. You may go to a religious place. Taking blessings from your elderly will increase your fortune. You may do social work or charity. Time is favorable to take important decisions related to family and business. You may start important projects today. You can also make sale and purchase deals. Stay away from anti social and unreligious persons. Worship God and pray for the welfare of everyone. If you yourself are an acharya or a teacher, then this will be the suitable day to prove your qualities. Do not allow any disputes to take place. You will pass the day happily with the company of your family. Those who are unfortunate and jobless are likely to pass this day ruefully.

This day will give negative results. Do not make deals with strangers and strictly avoid visiting unknown places. You will feel depressed and confused today. We advise you to deal any unpleasant situation peacefully and patiently. Don’t try to do anything important. Postpone important things such as starting new ventures, making financial deals, executing important decisions, Making fresh financial investments etc. We advise you to live a peaceful life. Take care of your food habits. Take care of your stomach. If you are experiencing any problem in it, we advise you to visit a doctor immediately for consultation. If you are experiencing an unfavorable phase, you should understand that such periods are short lived. You should not loose your self-confidence.

This day is good for you. This day is favorable for all sort of daily activities. You are likely to earn profit today. You may opt to do all important things. This day is suitable for all types of financial investments, executing decisions, starting new venture, sale and purchase of materials, deals relating to loans, going for a trip etc. Today is a good day for romance and love life. Those who are in love will spend happy moments with their love ones. You will spend this day happily and peacefully. You will feel fresh and energetic.

Take care of your health today. You are likely to have some health problem. You should immediately consult a doctor if you are suffering from any disease. You should live simple life today. You should also stay away from all situations of disputes. You should avoid all important works. Do not try to do anything new. We advise you to repay your long-standing loans. Be alert from thieves. Keep your expenditures under control. Otherwise you will put yourself in financial crises. Your may feel depression.

This day is not favorable for you. You should postpone all important work. Spend your day as simply as you can. Today you may experience unpleasant situations. This day is also not suitable for students. They should work very hard to get success in the field of education.

This day will produce unfavorable results. You should avoid all type of dispute, as any dispute is unfavorable for you this day. Others may defame you. We advise you to maintain good relations with your mother. Help her in her routine work. Make her happy with your good behavior. Take her blessings. Her blessings will increase your fortune. There are possibilities of minor injury from a vehicle. Therefore remain alert while driving. You should avoid starting new things, giving and taking loans and making fresh financial investments etc.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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