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Daily Forecast (For September 11, 2015)


Unforeseen circumstances may make you fall behind schedule. You could end up being disappointed. You can reorganize your home or work place. You should not have great expectations from a new business project. You’d better postpone any major decision for some other day. Go ahead and indulge in your artistic self today. Expenses are on the cards. If you have been longing for that expensive furniture, buy it.

You will initiate an activity which will prove to be successful and profitable. In the evening you might learn that a close relative or friend get miner injuries. You will be the last person to tolerate if someone tries to dominate you. Try to be more flexible when talking to collogue and your loved one. Your sweetheart will sugar your soul today.

Today you can rely on intuition. A fruitful day loaded with opportunities awaits you. You will be able to complete all your tasks easily at the work-front. However, you will need to put in extra effort to satisfy others. You are advised to be more understanding. You will be engaged in discussions with your family members and friend.

It is possible that your old friend or relative will come to see you today. At work, Your efforts over the last period of time are finally appreciated by seniors. your skills in developing a quick rapport with others will help you perform better. People will have a high regard for your honesty. The tension around is giving you a hard time in society. You will excel in social gatherings in the evening.

Your loved one might be angry with you because of your having spent too much time to your friends. Stay calm. Try to avoid getting into disputes with a lady. You may want to pay more attention to family and especially to your loved one. Keep this in mind as today, you might have to be on the move constantly. Monetary situations will be a matter of worry in the afternoon, but you are of invaluable support to your near and dear ones. Having handled work all day, you may look for an enjoyable evening in a romantic place.

You might be involved in a dispute at work because of the gossip spread around at your work place. You must stay calm during this type of situation. What you wish to do today is to overhaul the looks of your living space. In the afternoon you might receive a significant amount of money. You might want to add some pieces of furniture. We advise you to be ready in the evening for a memorable time.

You’d better avoid driving today. You are at the risk of getting a minor injury. We are advising you to be more cautious for that. As for workplace, you are advised to take no chances and avoid any speculation. Today your rivals will praise you.

You shall be bursting with self-confidence today. On the professional front, your efforts will give results. Make sure you don’t act or speak on impulse, which you might regret on a later stage. Matters relating love affairs will remain in your favor.

You might be involved in a dispute at your work place with your collogues and you may act on impulse. You are advised to be more cautious for your behavior. The perfection in your ideas may not materialise in reality today.

You’ll be over-emotional during the starting of the day. In the morning you might learn that you will soon have go on a trip. Your loved one might feel this is a bad timing for a trip. Dedicating yourself completely to business is not always a good idea. it will be emotionally and physically exhausting for you to express your tensions, fears, dreams, regrets and sorrows. It’s time you paid more attention to your family!

An heated discussion with your seniors might lead to the cancellation of a project that you were supposed to start soon. Today you might feel tired and exhausted. Make use of every chance to impress your boss or spouse. A romantic dinner with your beloved will ease your tired muscles. You are advised to avoid controversies, for they could be detrimental to your position at workplace and home.

There may be a misunderstanding with a business partner or life partner. You may find yourself unable to take critical decisions on a split-second basis today. For making cordial relations communication is key. You may follow the advice of your friends and try to be more flexible. Your family will be in focus today. Pay more attention to your loved one’s needs. Romance is in the air, and the evening should probably see you spend time with your special person.

By:Shailesh Srivastava

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