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Daily Forecast (For September 16, 2015)


Today demands careful attention throughout the day. Be careful not to involved in any dispute. In such a situation you will have to face losses. Today you are likely to experience some adverse circumstances. Try to avoid sale or purchase or new project this day. Be careful from thief today. Be careful for financial transactions. You must not borrow or lend money today. Use the day to repay your loans. If you are engaged in work related to tools, sharpened elements or weapon of any type, you should be careful – you may get injuries. Rush for a medical consultation for any disease or an injury. Clothes of variegated colors or patterns and such materials should be avoided for today. It is advisable that you should maintain cordial relations with everyone around you at your workplace and at your home also. Take care of your maternal uncle. Take care of your food to make sure you don’t fall ill. 


Today is a day of mixed results; it can swing in your favor and can give you dissatisfaction. You will feel more intelligent today. If you wish to store something or want to refresh your memory you are likely to achieve more success today. Today is a good day for students. If they are planning to attempt an important examination today they will get success. This is a good time to enjoy the life, don’t let go of the opportunity. Enjoy the day with your friends and well wishers. There is also possibility of your receiving appreciation from the society. Take care of your food habits. You may suffer from stomach disorders. Give proper attention to your children’s education, welfare and development. Spend a good time with them. You are advised to maintain a distance from unsocial and unreligious persons. If it is felt favorable then the important and decisions taken shall prove to be successful.


Today you should realize your strength, and act accordingly otherwise you may experience unhappiness. You should avoid any type of argument with your coworkers and family members. You should avoid any unpleasant situation today. Stay calm. Avoid going after sensual pleasures. They are not useful for you. Avoid driving a vehicle today. Keep yourself away from mixed colored garments. Worshiping lord Vishnu or Vasudev Krishna will be beneficial for you. Take extra care of your mother’s health. Spend quality time with her and try to make her happy. Take care when going near water or hill area. Take time out to enjoy some light moments with your brothers, sisters and friends. You may face a health problem related to heart.


Today you are going to have a favorable day. You will feel calm and happy. You will see growth in your intellectual level and personality. People will appreciate you at your workplace. Today you may take some important decisions related to your work place. You are advice to start a new project or complete your pending work. Day will be good financially.  Spend good time with your brothers and sisters. Listen melodious music today. You will have success in your love life.



Today the moon may produce both favorable and unfavorable results for you. you can have delicious food. You can expect moments of happiness. Be careful, you may have stomach problem. Today you may also have a problem related to teeth.
Time is good for financial matters. Maintain a good relationship with your family members, friends and neighbors. Try to avoid every possibility of dispute with them. Do not give loans today. Time is also not suitable to start a new project today.


The will increase your prosperity. Your will feel fresh and healthy. This day will be favorable for you. Make full efforts to discover your hidden talent and determination. Today is the time to indulge in retrospection. Give time to your interests in art and music.
Stay calm and avoid getting irritated. You may go ahead for starting a new project. You will spend day happily with your loved one. Take full advantage of the circumstances and make proper use of the situation for improving your future. Think positive about others.


Today you should take care of your financial matters. Try to avoid any travel today as today is not a favorable time for trips. Day is also not good to start a new project or for starting to execute your plans. Today you may face some kind of opposition at your work place. Use your bed exclusively for yourself. You should avoid standing at places of high altitude. There is a possibility of injury. You are advice to do all your work carefully. Take some rest today if you want it. You should give proper attention to your legs, eyes and the area surrounding your navel. You should control your egoistic nature.


The day is favourable for you today. Today you will spend your family life happily and will achieve success in romantic matters. This is a good day from the view point of starting various works such as new projects, arriving at decisions, loan deals, undertaking travels, financial investments etc. Take care of your brothers and sisters. You may obtain financial profits this day. There are chances of your receiving gifts. In case you having some health problem, you should get it treated as soon as possible.
You will remain happy throughout the day. If you are hardworking, you will get success in all the task you do.



Today people will shower praises for you. You may receive gifts today. If you wish to change your job or profession, this is a good day to start the search. Take care of your family and give respect to fatherly persons in your life. There might be an opportunity to attend a social gathering. Today is a good day from the religious point of view. A combination of color will be lucky for you today. 


In general, the day will yield favorable results for you. Mixed color will prove lucky for you. This is a suitable day for starting new projects, making financial investments, sale and purchase deals etc. You can make a trip today. You can also spend time on some religious rituals. Spend some time with elderly, and receive their blessings. Devote yourself towards religious deeds. Involve yourself in donations and selfless help. This will definitely improve your luck.



In general the day will yield unfavorable results. This day is unfavorable for your business or for starting a new project. Try to get away from disputes because this day you will get adverse results from it. You may face humiliation and wrong reputation this day. Mixed color will prove unlucky for you this day. Avoid going to long trips. Give proper attention to your food habits, do not eat too much junk food or you may suffer from stomach ailments. Today, people may oppose you for no reason. You may face hurdles today. Utilize your mind in the field of creativity.


You may enjoy all types of works such as travels, arriving at important decisions, initiating new projects, undertaking sale and purchase deals and loan deals, investment etc today. You are advised to carefully plan matters relating to journey.
Make sure you manage everything carefully at your workplace. If you wish to be successful, you will need to put in hard work.
Extend co-operation to your business partner and spouse and try to keep them happy. This day will be successful for your all round development. You will remain cheerful throughout the day.

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By:Shailesh Srivastava


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